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Battery Film Puncture Strength Tester - Battery Separator Test August 31,2022.
The battery film puncture strength tester is used to test the tensile, puncture, and tearing of battery separator materials, and is the basic equipment for quality control, incoming material inspection, physical testing, mechanical research, and material development.
Application areas.
Film self-adhesive tape, automotive, ceramics, composite materials, construction, food and medical equipment, metal, paper, packaging, rubber, textiles, wood, communications and a variety of shaped materials This machine meets the battery diaphragm various standards of tensile puncture, according to different standards customize different puncture fixture.
Test method.

The diameter of 100mm test piece on the fixture, press the test key instrument automatically clamp the specimen, and then use a direct 1.0mm, spherical tip radius of 0.5mm steel needle, to (50 Shi 5) mm / min or (100 Shi 10) mm / min speed to thrust, read the maximum load of steel needle penetration test piece. The instrument automatically calculates the puncture strength. Note: If the number of test pieces is more than 5, the technical average is taken.

 battery film puncture strength tester

1、High precision
Adopt high precision force measuring sensor to ensure the test accuracy error within ±0.5%.
2、Good repeatability
The use of stepper motor control, the probe travel process is accurate, stable, good repeatability of the measurement results.
3、Easy to use, easy to operate
LCD Chinese display, friendly human-machine interface operation. Automatic clamping device, fully automatic completion of the test, with test data statistical processing functions, micro-printer output, can also be connected to a computer operation. When connected to the computer, in addition to automatic memory storage results, can also display the breakage resistance curve and save.
4、Easy to measure and calibrate
The instrument is equipped with special calibration weights and built-in calibration program, which is convenient for measurement and calibration department (third party) to calibrate the instrument.

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