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packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
Product News
  • What is the test process and steps of the GBPI mask synthetic blood penetration tester
    What is the test process and steps of the GBPI mask synthetic blood penetration tester 2020-10-23
    Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. (GBPI) is a professional manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment. It has an elite team with more than 20 research and development experience in the testing industry. The face mask testing machine such as EN14683 BFE test apparatus、paticulate filtration efficiency tester、flame retardant face mask tester and so on developed by our company is well received by customers in the market. GBPI mask consultant takes you to understand the test process and steps of the synthetic blood penetration test instrument for masks. Mask synthetic blood penetration tester Principle: The synthetic blood permeability tester for masks is used to test the resistance of medical masks, disposable masks and other protective masks to the penetration of synthetic blood under different test pressure levels. Standards: GB/T 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks 5.6 Synthetic blood penetration barrier performance YY/T0469-2011 Medical surgical mask 5.5 Synthetic blood penetration test ASTMF1862 Test Method for Resistance of Synthetic Blood Permeability of Medical Masks (Fixed Volume of Horizontal Jet at Known Speed) ASTMF2100 Synthetic blood penetration resistance in the performance requirements of medical masks EN14683 Specifies the structure, design, performance requirements and test methods of medical masks Parameters: 1.Spraying distance: 300mm~305mm adjustable 2.Jet speed: 400cm/s-7000cm/s adjustable Features: 1. The sample is specially customized for the fixing device to simulate the actual use of the outlet cover, and the sample is kept in the special experimental area; 2. Constant pressure spray device, which can spray a certain volume of synthetic blood within a controlled time; 3. It can fully simulate the injection speed corresponding to the average human blood pressure 10.6kPa, 16kPa, and 21.3kPa for testing. Testing process: Fix the mask sample on the sample holder of the instrument, and spray the synthetic blood from the nozzle horizontally to the target area of  the sample to be tested at a distance from the center of the sample at the set pressure, and visually inspect it within 10 seconds after removal. Testing steps: 1.Pull down the sample cover of the instrument, clamp the sample on the fixture, and close the sample holder and protective cover after fixing. 2.Set the relevant parameters (spray pressure and spray time), click [feed] to pour the synthetic blood, adjust the height of the nozzle, and press "[Start]. At this time, spray horizontally toward the tested mask behind the positioning target, and hear With a beep, the instrument automatically stops spraying and the experiment is over. 3.After the test is all over, the synthetic blood residue in the test solution tank is cleaned, replaced with distilled water, and the entire pipeline is cleaned. After the nozzle sprays clean water, continue to drain all the clean water in the test solution tank. Close the outlet valve of the ...
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  • What are the different types of heat sealing testers
    What are the different types of heat sealing testers 2020-09-10
    The heat sealing testser is a testing instrument researched and produced for packaging heat seal strength testing. The heat sealing testser is mainly used to measure the heat sealing temperature and heat sealing time of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films , Heat sealing pressure and other parameters. Because the equipment is a precision laboratory instrument, it is generally used for laboratory testing applications in packaging material factories, food, medicine, quality inspection institutes, research institutions and other enterprises and institutions. Among the many items of product packaging inspection , the heat-sealing strength inspection of the packaging is an important analysis index to evaluate the sealing strength of the heat-sealed parts. This requires heat sealing tests on the products. If the heat-sealing strength is insufficient, it will cause the package to crack at the heat-sealed place, causing problems such as food and medicine leakage and contamination. Equipment classification According to the design of the heat sealing head, the heat sealing instrument can be divided into a single head heat sealing instrument and a double five-point heat sealing instrument Single head heat sealing instrument Five-point heat sealer The single-head heat-sealing instrument can conduct heat-sealing tests on flexible packaging materials at a set temperature, pressure, and time, so as to quickly and easily find the best heat-sealing process parameters of the material. As the name implies, the equipment head is designed as a single head, the lower head accurately controls the temperature, and can be controlled by the experiment temperature. The temperature control adopts P.I.D temperature control technology, which is accurate in temperature control and fast in temperature rise. The five-point heat sealing instrument can measure the heat sealing parameters of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper and other heat sealing composite films at a certain heat sealing speed, heat sealing pressure and five heat sealing temperatures. The melting point, thermal stability, fluidity and thickness of the heat-sealing materials will show different heat-sealing performance, and the sealing process parameters may vary greatly. Using this equipment can accurately and efficiently obtain the best heat sealing performance parameters. The equipment adopts the design of independent temperature control of the upper and lower heads, and the unique five independent temperature control designs of the upper head, which facilitates the high standards of temperature and test efficiency for customers during the test. The heat-sealing strength tester with ASTM F2029 developed and produced by GBPI is mainly suitable for the determination of heat-sealing temperature, heat-sealing time and heat-sealing pressure of materials such as films, composite films, PVC hard shee...
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  • What is a leak tester
    What is a leak tester 2020-08-11
    The Leak tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant regulations of GB/T15171 soft package sealing performance test method. It is suitable for the sealing test of soft package in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Through the test, it can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing technology and The sealing performance provides a scientific basis for determining the relevant technical requirements. It can also carry out the sealing performance test of the specimen after the drop and pressure test. Key words: seal tester, leak testing machines ,  leak tester, bag leak tester,leak detection equipment . Equipment use: The Leak tester is suitable for the sealing test of packaging parts in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. The test can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing technology and sealing performance of the flexible package, Provide a scientific basis for determining relevant technical requirements. It can also analyze the quality of packaging and sealing. Equipment classification: According to different testing principles of the equipment, the leak tester can be divided into the following three types: 1. Vacuum attenuation method equipment: soft packaging, semi-rigid packaging, hard packaging tightness test 2. Ultrasonic principle equipment: quality analysis of soft bag sealing 3. High-voltage discharge method equipment: filling liquid packaging The Leak tester produced by Guangzhou GBPI complies with the executive standard GB/T 15171-1994, ASTM D3078-2002 (2013) It has the advantages of using compressed air, pneumatic drive; automatic and manual operation; LCD display test parameters.
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  •  GBPI Gas permeability tester - complete solutions for your laboratory requirements
    GBPI Gas permeability tester - complete solutions for your laboratory requirements 2020-07-31
        The gas permeability tester is a testing instrument used for the determination of gas permeability, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient and permeability coefficient. Application field     Gas permeability  tester is widely used in food, medical packaging and other industries. Professionally suitable for the gas permeability, solubility coefficient, diffusion coefficient, permeability coefficient of plastic film, composite film, high barrier material, sheet, metal foil, rubber, tire air tightness, permeable membrane and other materials at various temperatures The determination. Detection significance     The gas penetration test is a barrier performance test. Barrier performance testing includes two types of gas (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.) and water vapor transmission rate tests. Barrier performance is one of the important factors affecting the shelf life of products, and it is also an important reference for manufacturers to analyze the shelf life of products. This test can analyze and solve quality problems such as oxidation deterioration and damp mildew caused by oxygen or water vapor sensitivity. Test principle     A test gas with a certain pressure is applied on one side of the test piece, and the other side is evacuated to form a pressure difference on the test piece, so that the test gas diffuses in the test piece and slowly penetrates, and the pressure on the decompression side (vacuum side) increases, and the pressure is The time changes linearly, and the gas permeability coefficient and gas permeability are calculated by the calculation formula with the slope of the obtained straight line. GBPI differential pressure method gas permeability tester is manufactured in strict accordance with the following Chinese standards, American standards, German standards and other domestic and foreign standards.     This instrument uses national standard materials for calibration, and at the same time meets the temperature, pressure and other parameter calibration requirements. It has the advantages of accurate and reliable test data, wide test samples, higher test efficiency and intelligent operation. GBPI is a professional manufacturer of packaging testing instruments such as oxygen transmission rate tester, gas transmission rate tester, water vapor transmission rate tester, etc.     GBPI Packaging Testing - complete solutions for your laboratory requirements
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  •  GBPI Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester
    GBPI Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester 2020-07-08
    Application Medical mask testing Textile material testing Laboratory related tests Standard EN 14683 Functional advantages Built-in touch screen and micro printer High-precision differential pressure sensor, digitally displays the differential pressure across the sample Manual control of air flow and time Pressure sensor, gas quality controller can be calibrated and measured Theoretical method The output of the air flow is set by a gas flow meter, the air flow passes through a certain area of the test sample, the current pressure is detected by a pressure sensor, and the pressure difference is calculated. Technical index Item Technical Parameter Pressure Sensor Range 0~500Pa Pressure Sensor Accuracy ±0.5% F.S Air Flow Rrange 1 ~ 10L/min(Standard 8L/min) Air Flow Accuracy ±1.0% F.S Gas Source Compressed Air Air Pressure ≥0.3MPa Dimensions 350mm×260mm×360mm Weight 20kg Power Supply AC220V, 50HZ For more discount information on mask testing instruments, you can call 13539758284 or contact email: info@gbtest.cn
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