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  • 2021  GBPI New Product Launch  N500 2.0   Gas Permeability Analyzer ——Keep Testing It
    2021 GBPI New Product Launch N500 2.0 Gas Permeability Analyzer ——Keep Testing It 2021-10-18
    Features 1) Accurate and reliable data Our company has approved and issued by the "General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and   Quarantine of the People's Republic of China". Gas Permeability Tester "National Standard Material Classification   Certificate" and "National Standard Material" Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License (GBW(E)130541/ 2). Use national standard materials to calibrate and verify the instrument to ensure the accuracy, versatility and authority of the test data. 2) Easy to operate Professional software with simple interface, easy to use and flexibly to set test process. Fully automatic operation, judge and stop automatically. Five sets of curves of temperature, upper cavity pressure, lower cavity pressure, pressure difference change, and     penetration are displayed in real time. The curves with conceal function, support query function for background data. Professional test report, automatically generate and can be exported in PDF format. 3) Advanced technology Automatic pressure maintaining technology, which automatically maintains the pressure difference on both sides of the sample (the pressure difference can be adjusted arbitrarily). Temperature control: water-cooled temperature control technology, automatic heating and cooling. No needing external temperature control device to avoid the disadvantages of large size and multiple failures. High measurement accuracy, accurate to 0.1℃. 4) High test efficiency Single test cavity, fast data test rate. Adapt to film testing with different barrier properties. Measurement precision up to 0.01 cm3/(m2·24h·0.1MPa), can test high barrier materials, such as aluminum foil. By adding package-testing accessories, can test the gas permeability of bottles, bags, bowls and other containers. 5) Authority management and data tracking The software is designed according to the requirements ofthe computerized system in the new GMP appendix. Needing user name and password to log in. Users are divided intomultiple levels ofsystem administrators, instrument administrators, auditors, and operators. The system administrator can adjust the authority of various levels; like increase and decrease the system control items of a certain level. With audit trail function (test trail, log trail), every data change is recorded to ensure the safety and integrity. 6) Stable, reliable and easy to maintain Professional pressure sensor withhigh precision, good stability, can run for a long time. The sensor has an automatic protection function that exceeds the range to avoid damage to important sensors when the instrument fails. Functional Modular design, easy to maintain. Standard GB/T 1038-2000, ISO 2556-1974, ISO 15105-1-2007, ASTM D1434, JIS K7126-1-2006, YBB00082003-2015 GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment , mask testing equipment , and testing solutions. It has...
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  • Create more sustainable packaging strategies --- compost degradation testers
    Create more sustainable packaging strategies --- compost degradation testers 2021-07-28
    Using patented intelligent algorithms, fully automatic data analysis design concept, the latest independent research and development of an intelligent compost degradation test equipment         GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment, face mask protection effect test machine , refrigeration tester and other product. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of testing equipment. The company has a dedicated R&D and after-sales team, which can accept customer testing and on-site teaching machine services. Not only that, we can also help customers with one-stop customized laboratory testing solutions. GBPI has passed ISO 9001 certification, we have become a large-scale testing agency supplier, and cooperate with many international standards organizations. According to customer requirements, we can provide CE, ISO, CNAS calibration certificates, etc. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with large international third-party giants such as SGS, BV, TUV and Intertek. Excellent quality and top after-sales service help GBPI to be recognized by our customers.
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  • You need to understand these test methods and standards for biodegradable plastics
    You need to understand these test methods and standards for biodegradable plastics 2021-03-22
         Biodegradation generally refers to the decomposition of microorganisms. Microbial decomposition substances that exist in nature will not cause negative effects on the  environment. The degree of degradation is called degradation index. Biodegradable materials refer to materials that can be completely decomposed by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.) into low-molecular compounds under natural environmental conditions with appropriate and indicative deadlines. Biodegradability is an important property of PBS polyester. At present, the main method for evaluating the biodegradability of plastics in the world is the composting method. Compost contains rich sources of microorganisms, which can macroscopically reflect the biodegradation of plastics in the natural environment to a certain extent. performance. GBPI Compost Degradation Tester can provide compost performance testing of most plastic products on the market. Testing products Test items Testing standard Disposable plastic tableware, Plastic particles disposable plastic straws, Disposable degradable tableware:plastic bags, Biodegradation rate of aerobic composting test GB/T 18006.1 General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware HJ/T 202 Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Disposable Tableware  Packaging products and plastic products: 1. Plastic shopping bag, 2. Mulch, 3. Sealing tape, 4. Plastic, Biodegradability EN 13432:2000 Packaging. Requirements for evaluating the recyclability of packaging through synthesis and biodegradation ASTM D 5338 Test method for aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under composting conditions ASTM D 5510 Improved MITI test (rapid biodegradability) OECD 301C thermal aging degradation plastic operating standard ASTM D 5511 Method for measuring the anaerobic biodegradability of plastics under high-solid anaerobic digestion conditions ASTM D 6954 Test requirements for oxidation and biodegradation of plastics under environmental conditions GB/T 16716.7-2012 Packaging and Packaging Waste Part 7 Biodegradation and Composting GB/T 20197-2006 Definition, classification, marking and degradation performance requirements of degradable plastics GB/T 22047-2008 Determination of the final aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in the soil-using the method of measuring the required amount in a closed absorption meter or measuring the released carbon dioxide GB/T 19277.1-2011 (IDT ISO 14855-1:2012) Determination of the final aerobic biodegradability and disintegration capacity of materials under controlled composting. The method for measuring the released carbon dioxide is used. Part 1 General method GB/T 2461-1999 Degradable polyethylene film for packaging  Packaging products         and plastic     products: 1. Plastic shopping bag, 2. Mulch, 3. Sealing tape, 4. Plastic, Biodegradability EN 13432:2000 Packaging. Requirements for e...
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  • Product Packaging Quality Control ---- How to test the compressive strength of inflatable packaging bags
    Product Packaging Quality Control ---- How to test the compressive strength of inflatable packaging bags 2021-03-15
    Importance of compressive strength of packaging bags: Product packaging is prone to stacking cracks and crush damage during transportation and storage. Therefore, the main concern in the field of product testing is the protective effect of packaging. This requires us to formulate a test plan to evaluate the effect of packaging, and continuously improve the design based on the results to achieve the best results-under the premise of meeting product protection: reduce the total cost of product packaging as much as possible, and ensure the hot adhesion of the packaging bag The test is qualified, and the puncture resistance of the packaging bag is improved.It is well known that the packaging bags under stacking will bear a lot of pressure. If the pressure resistance of the packaging is poor, bag breakage is easy to occur. Therefore, it is required that the packaging bag body and the sealing part should have high pressure resistance. This article uses the GBPI compression tester for bag packaging to test the pressure resistance of food packaging bags as an example to introduce the test principle and test process content to everyone. Provide a reference for companies to monitor the pressure resistance of product packaging. Many food factories use inflatable packaging bags. For nitrogen-filled packaging, the food can be placed in a low-oxygen environment, which has the effect of preventing food from oxidative deterioration and mold. However, the gas filled in the packaging has advantages and disadvantages. While protecting the food, it will have a greater impact on the packaging bag when it is squeezed or impacted by external forces, which requires the packaging bag to have higher flexibility. And sealing fastness, so strengthening the test of the pressure resistance of inflatable packaging can effectively reduce the bag breaking rate in the process of stacking and transportation. By simulating the squeezing situation of the test sample stacking, a certain pressure is applied to the sample, and the deformation and leakage of the test sample after being kept under the applied pressure for a certain period of time. In addition, you can also set the pressure value to be applied to the test sample multiple times by testing the maximum pressure, and each setting is increased on the basis of the last force value. After the predetermined number of times is reached, the total deformation of the test sample is detected, etc. Test the compressive resistance of the test sample. compressive strength of packaging bags test process: 5 samples of inflatable packaging bags with intact packaging are randomly selected. Set the test pressure, test time and other parameters. Please note that the pressure cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise it will damage the sensor, it is recommended to adjust to 0.1Mpa first, if the pressure is too low, you can gradually adjust) (1) Take one of the samples and put it between the two test boards of the device, click the test option...
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  • What is the test process and steps of the GBPI mask synthetic blood penetration tester
    What is the test process and steps of the GBPI mask synthetic blood penetration tester 2020-10-23
    Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. (GBPI) is a professional manufacturer of laboratory testing equipment. It has an elite team with more than 20 research and development experience in the testing industry. The face mask testing machine such as EN14683 BFE test apparatus、paticulate filtration efficiency tester、flame retardant face mask tester and so on developed by our company is well received by customers in the market. GBPI mask consultant takes you to understand the test process and steps of the synthetic blood penetration test instrument for masks. Mask synthetic blood penetration tester Principle: The synthetic blood permeability tester for masks is used to test the resistance of medical masks, disposable masks and other protective masks to the penetration of synthetic blood under different test pressure levels. Standards: GB/T 19083-2010 Technical requirements for medical protective masks 5.6 Synthetic blood penetration barrier performance YY/T0469-2011 Medical surgical mask 5.5 Synthetic blood penetration test ASTMF1862 Test Method for Resistance of Synthetic Blood Permeability of Medical Masks (Fixed Volume of Horizontal Jet at Known Speed) ASTMF2100 Synthetic blood penetration resistance in the performance requirements of medical masks EN14683 Specifies the structure, design, performance requirements and test methods of medical masks Parameters: 1.Spraying distance: 300mm~305mm adjustable 2.Jet speed: 400cm/s-7000cm/s adjustable Features: 1. The sample is specially customized for the fixing device to simulate the actual use of the outlet cover, and the sample is kept in the special experimental area; 2. Constant pressure spray device, which can spray a certain volume of synthetic blood within a controlled time; 3. It can fully simulate the injection speed corresponding to the average human blood pressure 10.6kPa, 16kPa, and 21.3kPa for testing. Testing process: Fix the mask sample on the sample holder of the instrument, and spray the synthetic blood from the nozzle horizontally to the target area of  the sample to be tested at a distance from the center of the sample at the set pressure, and visually inspect it within 10 seconds after removal. Testing steps: 1.Pull down the sample cover of the instrument, clamp the sample on the fixture, and close the sample holder and protective cover after fixing. 2.Set the relevant parameters (spray pressure and spray time), click [feed] to pour the synthetic blood, adjust the height of the nozzle, and press "[Start]. At this time, spray horizontally toward the tested mask behind the positioning target, and hear With a beep, the instrument automatically stops spraying and the experiment is over. 3.After the test is all over, the synthetic blood residue in the test solution tank is cleaned, replaced with distilled water, and the entire pipeline is cleaned. After the nozzle sprays clean water, continue to drain all the clean water in the test solution tank. Close the outlet valve of the ...
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