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  • Comparative analysis of water vapor transmission rate testing methods for packaging plastic films
    Comparative analysis of water vapor transmission rate testing methods for packaging plastic films 2022-05-06
    Packaging plastic films refer to films made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins for packaging, as well as for use as a laminating layer. The share of plastic packaging and plastic packaging products in the market is increasing, especially the composite plastic flexible packaging, has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields, among which the largest proportion of food packaging, such as beverage packaging, frozen food packaging, steamed food packaging, fast food packaging, etc. These products have brought great convenience to people's lives. In order to ensure the effectiveness of packaging products, it is required to have good barrier performance, which is measured by an important indicator is the water vapor transmission rate (amount). There are many testing standards on water vapor transmission rate (amount) at home and abroad, of which the following are the common testing standard methods. ISO 15106-2 - Plastics -- Film and sheeting -- Determination of water vapour transmission rate -- Part 2: Infrared detection sensor method ASTM F1249 - Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission Rate Through Plastic Film and Sheeting Using a Modulated Infrared Sensor TAPPI T557 - Water vapor transmission rate through plastic films and sheeting using a modulated infrared sensor ISO 2528 - Sheet materials -- Determination of water vapour transmission rate -- Gravimetric (dish) method ASTM E96 - Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials ASTM D1653 - Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films TAPPI T464 - Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Paper and Paperboard at High Temperature and Humidity ISO 15106-3 - Plastics -- Film and sheeting -- Determination of water vapour transmission rate -- Part 3: Electrolytic detection sensor method W900 Gravimetric Method Vapor Transmission Rate Tester 1.Analysis from the principle of the test method Visible film water vapor transmission rate (amount) detection methods are mainly divided into two categories, respectively, the gravimetric method and the sensor method. The gravimetric method (also known as cup method) is divided into two types of weight gain method and weight loss method, which detects the weight change of the moisture vapor transmission cup. Electrolysis analysis method and infrared detector method belongs to the sensor method, which, the principle of electrolysis method refers to the electrolysis of water vapor encountered electrodes for hydrogen and oxygen, through the electrolysis current to calculate a certain period of time through the unit area of the sample water vapor transmission rate (amount); infrared method is the principle of water vapor from the high humidity cavity through the sample penetration to the low humidity cavity, the electrical signal generated by the carrier gas transmitted to the infrared detector to calculate the water vapor permeation rate (amount). W203 ...
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  • Cosmetic packaging material testing program
    Cosmetic packaging material testing program 2022-02-18
        Candy packaging mainly has three roles, one is to protect the product should be glossy, fragrance, form and can extend shelf life; second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution, improve product health and safety; third is a beautiful product packaging can improve the consumer's desire to buy and commodity value. Candy packaging forms are mainly twist type packaging, pillow type packaging, folding type packaging. Knotted packaging is the oldest form of packaging, this form of packaging is mostly used for candy; by the pillow packaging machine is more popular, most candy manufacturers are currently using pillow packaging, and folding packaging, mostly used for chocolate products.     The protective function of the packaging is directly related to the quality of candy. Due to the large differences in the composition of the candy itself, so for different types of candy, packers have different requirements for the selection of packaging materials. Low water content of the candy is easy to absorb moisture and make for the product closed, sand; high water content of the candy is easy to shrink, mold, and the starch, cream and other components in contact with oxygen is easy to oxidation and deterioration. Therefore, the candy packaging gas barrier, moisture and other functions should be given special attention. 1, For the packaging barrier testing     Since the intervention of oxygen and water vapor will cause the deterioration of candy, it is important to control the oxygen content and water vapor content in the air environment around the candy, which requires controlling the barrier property of the candy packaging materials and the package as a whole.GBPI barrier property testing instrument can accurately test the barrier property of the package, which has the advantages of high precision and full automatic testing. 2, For the testing of packaging sealing The testing object of the sealing performance is the leakage point of the packaging parts. GBM-D1 intelligent sealing performance tester with different fixtures can test the packaging burst, leakage, creep, bubble and other ways. 3, For the testing of packaging pressure resistance, breakage resistance performance The test index can be used to measure the pressure resistance performance of candy packaging, used to assess the pressure resistance performance of candy packaging in the process of storage, transportation and sales display. GBN200G box compression tester is suitable for testing the pressure resistance performance and bursting resistance of various packaging bags. 4, For the testing of packaging tearing force and its mechanical properties of packaging materials GBH-2 Tensile tester  can be used to test the mechanical properties of packaging materials, which can be used for tensile, puncture, peel, shear, bending and other performance tests. 5, For the detection of packaging printing Gorgeous appearance of printing h...
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  • 2021  GBPI New Product Launch  N500 2.0   Gas Permeability Analyzer ——Keep Testing It
    2021 GBPI New Product Launch N500 2.0 Gas Permeability Analyzer ——Keep Testing It 2021-10-18
    Features 1) Accurate and reliable data Our company has approved and issued by the "General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and   Quarantine of the People's Republic of China". Gas Permeability Tester "National Standard Material Classification   Certificate" and "National Standard Material" Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License (GBW(E)130541/ 2). Use national standard materials to calibrate and verify the instrument to ensure the accuracy, versatility and authority of the test data. 2) Easy to operate Professional software with simple interface, easy to use and flexibly to set test process. Fully automatic operation, judge and stop automatically. Five sets of curves of temperature, upper cavity pressure, lower cavity pressure, pressure difference change, and     penetration are displayed in real time. The curves with conceal function, support query function for background data. Professional test report, automatically generate and can be exported in PDF format. 3) Advanced technology Automatic pressure maintaining technology, which automatically maintains the pressure difference on both sides of the sample (the pressure difference can be adjusted arbitrarily). Temperature control: water-cooled temperature control technology, automatic heating and cooling. No needing external temperature control device to avoid the disadvantages of large size and multiple failures. High measurement accuracy, accurate to 0.1℃. 4) High test efficiency Single test cavity, fast data test rate. Adapt to film testing with different barrier properties. Measurement precision up to 0.01 cm3/(m2·24h·0.1MPa), can test high barrier materials, such as aluminum foil. By adding package-testing accessories, can test the gas permeability of bottles, bags, bowls and other containers. 5) Authority management and data tracking The software is designed according to the requirements ofthe computerized system in the new GMP appendix. Needing user name and password to log in. Users are divided intomultiple levels ofsystem administrators, instrument administrators, auditors, and operators. The system administrator can adjust the authority of various levels; like increase and decrease the system control items of a certain level. With audit trail function (test trail, log trail), every data change is recorded to ensure the safety and integrity. 6) Stable, reliable and easy to maintain Professional pressure sensor withhigh precision, good stability, can run for a long time. The sensor has an automatic protection function that exceeds the range to avoid damage to important sensors when the instrument fails. Functional Modular design, easy to maintain. Standard GB/T 1038-2000, ISO 2556-1974, ISO 15105-1-2007, ASTM D1434, JIS K7126-1-2006, YBB00082003-2015 GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment , mask testing equipment , and testing solutions. It has...
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  • Create more sustainable packaging strategies --- compost degradation testers
    Create more sustainable packaging strategies --- compost degradation testers 2021-07-28
    Using patented intelligent algorithms, fully automatic data analysis design concept, the latest independent research and development of an intelligent compost degradation test equipment         GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment, face mask protection effect test machine , refrigeration tester and other product. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of testing equipment. The company has a dedicated R&D and after-sales team, which can accept customer testing and on-site teaching machine services. Not only that, we can also help customers with one-stop customized laboratory testing solutions. GBPI has passed ISO 9001 certification, we have become a large-scale testing agency supplier, and cooperate with many international standards organizations. According to customer requirements, we can provide CE, ISO, CNAS calibration certificates, etc. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with large international third-party giants such as SGS, BV, TUV and Intertek. Excellent quality and top after-sales service help GBPI to be recognized by our customers.
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  • You need to understand these test methods and standards for biodegradable plastics
    You need to understand these test methods and standards for biodegradable plastics 2021-03-22
         Biodegradation generally refers to the decomposition of microorganisms. Microbial decomposition substances that exist in nature will not cause negative effects on the  environment. The degree of degradation is called degradation index. Biodegradable materials refer to materials that can be completely decomposed by microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.) into low-molecular compounds under natural environmental conditions with appropriate and indicative deadlines. Biodegradability is an important property of PBS polyester. At present, the main method for evaluating the biodegradability of plastics in the world is the composting method. Compost contains rich sources of microorganisms, which can macroscopically reflect the biodegradation of plastics in the natural environment to a certain extent. performance. GBPI Compost Degradation Tester can provide compost performance testing of most plastic products on the market. Testing products Test items Testing standard Disposable plastic tableware, Plastic particles disposable plastic straws, Disposable degradable tableware:plastic bags, Biodegradation rate of aerobic composting test GB/T 18006.1 General technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware HJ/T 202 Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Disposable Tableware  Packaging products and plastic products: 1. Plastic shopping bag, 2. Mulch, 3. Sealing tape, 4. Plastic, Biodegradability EN 13432:2000 Packaging. Requirements for evaluating the recyclability of packaging through synthesis and biodegradation ASTM D 5338 Test method for aerobic biodegradation of plastic materials under composting conditions ASTM D 5510 Improved MITI test (rapid biodegradability) OECD 301C thermal aging degradation plastic operating standard ASTM D 5511 Method for measuring the anaerobic biodegradability of plastics under high-solid anaerobic digestion conditions ASTM D 6954 Test requirements for oxidation and biodegradation of plastics under environmental conditions GB/T 16716.7-2012 Packaging and Packaging Waste Part 7 Biodegradation and Composting GB/T 20197-2006 Definition, classification, marking and degradation performance requirements of degradable plastics GB/T 22047-2008 Determination of the final aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in the soil-using the method of measuring the required amount in a closed absorption meter or measuring the released carbon dioxide GB/T 19277.1-2011 (IDT ISO 14855-1:2012) Determination of the final aerobic biodegradability and disintegration capacity of materials under controlled composting. The method for measuring the released carbon dioxide is used. Part 1 General method GB/T 2461-1999 Degradable polyethylene film for packaging  Packaging products         and plastic     products: 1. Plastic shopping bag, 2. Mulch, 3. Sealing tape, 4. Plastic, Biodegradability EN 13432:2000 Packaging. Requirements for e...
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