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GF2600-X Spout Sealing Machine for slanted bag

The spout sealing machine is specialized in automatic casing and heat sealing machines for straws and bags, and can be applied to a variety of different types of straws, straws of different calibers and lengths. Applicable to different bag types, stand-up bag, three-side sealing bag, slanted bag, penguin bag. Products are suitable for a variety of industries, beverages, daily chemicals, medicine, food, etc. It has the characteristics of light weight, small footprint, simple operation and stable performance. The main components are all made of aluminum and stainless steel, which meet the environmental and hygienic quality requirements of food and drug GMP.

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Product Detail



Technical parameters

Type of bags seal

Stand-up bag, three-side sealing bag, organ bag, special-shaped bag

Control method

Omron programmable controllerPLC

Main drive

Servo motor + high-precision reducer + polyurethane-coated synchronous belt + linear module

Temperature regulation

0~300, ±0.1

Material type 

  Bag: inner layer PE, inner layer PP 

  SpoutPE, PP   

Seal width


Size of the bags



Type of the spout

Short /medium/ long spout

Spout size

Diameter 8.5mm(regular), diameter 10mm

Production speed

Dual channelA,B70 pcs/min 

Single channel 35 pcs/minCan work independently

Position accuracy

±0.05 mm

Heat sealing tool

Preheating: none (can be installed); heat sealing: 4 sets; cooling: 1 set

Temperature control modulewk8h

3 groups (8-channel module), precision±0.1

Temperature range


Power supply




Air pressure requirements

0.8MPa30 L/min


1. During the working process, the tube feeding, bag feeding, heat sealing and discharging are fully automated, easy to use. One to three sets of on-line production needs two person in total, and one person needs to operate a single machine, saving labor and flexibly grasping orders.

2. Synchronous belt linear structure, space-saving.

3. The LCD touch screen can complete the function setting, simple operation, precise control, stable operation, can work continuously for a long time.

4. Using imported temperature control module, Airtac pneumatic components, and Omron PLC control unit to ensure the quality, performance and service life of the machine.

5. Automatic fault detection, automatic alarm, automatic stop, automatic diagnosis and display of fault location.

6. This product is composed of a pipe feeding system, a bag feeding system, a heat sealing system and a bag taking system. Each component system is fully automatic, making the double-channel production speed reach 70 pieces per minute.

7. The spout feeding system is fully automatic design, efficient and accurate.

8. Bag feeding system the bag feeding adopts double station design, double efficiency.

9. The size of the delivery bag can be adjusted arbitrarily within the maximum length of 400mm and the maximum width of 300mm, and can also be customized according to customer needs.

10. The heat sealing system adopts step-by-step heating and cooling design, and the product quality is better. The sealing knife can be changed to adapt to different straws.

System structure

The machine consists of spout feeding system, bag feeding system, heat sealing system, bag receiving system, central control system and base.

Spout feeding system includes hopper, vibrating plate and slide rail. The photoelectric sensor can automatically sense the straw to control the feeding action.

The bag feeding system utilizes pneumatic suction cups to feed the bags. Both the bag feeding and heat sealing systems are dual-channel, high efficiency.

The heat sealing system includes timing belt, heat sealing knife and station frame. There are 5 sets of heat sealing knives, 4 sets of heat sealing and 1 set of cooling.

The heat-sealing station frame is adjustable to fit different size bags. Users can also customize different specifications of heat sealing knives to adapt to different specifications of straws.

The temperature control of each heat sealing knife group is independent, the temperature can be set independently, and the operation and debugging can be carried out independently.

The bag collection system adopts conveyor belt type, step-control shift, automatic arrangement of bags, which can observe defective products well and install coding machine.

The control panel is equipped with a touch screen, which can complete various parameter settings and display the working status in real time, such as the number of finished products, date, servo motor parameters and cylinder action parameters, heat sealing time, etc.

♦ The temperature control system has 24 channels, 12 high-precision pressure regulator valves (with pressure gauges), and 5 emergency stop buttons, which can be installed according to needs. The base design is easy to disassemble, transport and assemble.

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