packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
Physical property tests evaluate the physical and mechanical characteristics of a specific material or product. Depending on the equipment and technology available at a given analytical testing lab, physical property testing can be conducted on numerous materials like polymers, resins, fabrics, metals, and much more.
  • Professional Falling Ball Impact Tester -GB-LQ supplier
    Falling Ball Impact Tester -GB-LQ


    This instrument tests the impact resistance in the installation process of the end products or components of electrical equipment, appliance, plastics, electronic products,communication sets, etc. So as to check whether there is any problem in the product structure.

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  • Professional Heat Seal Tester-GBB-F1 supplier
    Heat Seal Tester-GBB-F1


    GBB-F1 Heat Seal Tester is to test the temperature, pressure, and time for heat sealing of various film materials. It is applied to quality inspection organizations, drug control institutions, research institutes, packaging, thin film, food companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, personal care industry and so on.



    QB/T 2358, ASTM F 2029, YBB00122003



          Five point heat seal, can set six different temperature at the same time (low bar and five upper bars).

          Upper and lower heat seal bars have independent temperature control and setting.

          The equipment adopts digital P.I.D. temperature to control, the temperature is more accurate. Temperature sensor is easy to calibrate.

           Using compressed air, pneumatic drive. pressure test, convenient to set pressure according to sample from customer.




    Technical parameters

    Temperature range

    Room temperature~250

    Temperature precision

    ± 0.1

    Seal time range

    0.1s~99h 59min 59.9s

    Pressure range


    Heat seal area

    Upper bar 35×10 mm × 5 sections; 

    lower bar has silicone pad as buffer; ( Customize available )

    Heat seal method

    Two ways: automatic or manual, external air cylinder

    Power supply

    AC220V 50Hz

    Instrument size


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  • Professional Universal material testing machine -GHH supplier
    Universal material testing machine -GHH

    Product introduction

    GHH universal material testing machine is the Guangzhou international r&d team based on GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards and market demand to upgrade the mechanical properties of new testing machine, suitable for all kinds of metal, non-metallic materials tensile, stripping, heat sealing, tearing, piercing, compression, bending and shear test, and then calculate the material parameters such as fracture strength, elastic modulus, It can also be used in the medical industry of syringe piston sliding, body tightness test verification.

    GHH universal material testing machine has a flexible interface and control mode, can do stretching, peeling, and other tests, speed, thickness, clamping distance multi-parameter variable setting; The measuring accuracy can reach 0.5 level; The whole process is controlled by computer, open data structure; The core adopts imported parts, loaded with high-precision ball screw; Control measurement unit, can choose the built-in or external type, with perfect limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop and other safety protection functions.

    GHH universal material testing machine is suitable for plastic sheet, pipe, profile, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials of all kinds of physical and mechanical properties test for material development, is the physical property test, teaching research, quality control and other indispensable testing equipment.

    Test principle

    Will be clamped specimen in tensile machine fixture between two chuck, two clip do relative movement, through strength sensor and the machine is located in the moving clamp head built-in displacement sensor, collected test force value change and displacement in the process of change, to calculate the sample drawing (tensile strength, elongation at break and the elastic modulus of performance indicators, etc.


    JJG 139, ASTM D828, ASTM E4, ASTM D882, ASTM D1938, ASTM D3330, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, JIS P8113


    Technical parameters

    Test range

    03000 NMultiple groups of sensors can be selected within 20000 N

    Test measurement

    Within ±0.5 %FS

    Test speed

    0~500 mm/mincontinuously variable speed

    Speed precision

    Indicates within ±1% of the value

    Displacement measurement accuracy

    Indicates within ±0.5% of the value

    Effective test stroke

    1000 mm

    Effective test stroke


    Effective test width

    30 mm

    Force value resolution

    0.001 g

    Resolution of displacement

    0.001 mm


    L×W×H750 mm×500 mm×1800 mm


    150 kg


    1000 W

    The power supply

    AC 220 V50 Hz


     Flexibility and variety of control

    Supports stretching, peeling, heat sealing, tearing, puncture, compression, bending, shear and other tests, speed, thickness, clamping distance variable parameters set, optional pneumatic fixture, suitable for a variety of fixtures.

     High measurement accuracy

    The test measurement accuracy can reach 0.5 level, high sampling rate (100 times/second), wide speed range, can adapt to high and low speed test, make the test data more accurate.

     Imported core components, safe and reliable operation

     Using high-precision ball screw loading, the loading is stable, the testing machine has a long life, good long-term stability and energy saving;

     A plurality of load/deformation measurement subchannels are proposed, which support multiple sensor expansion measurement. A fully digital control system with imported AC servo system and motor can control the displacement zero flutters.

      It has improved safety protection functions such as limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop, etc.

     Double column table structure, good rigidity, control measurement unit can choose built-in type (simple appearance, save space) and external type (easy to upgrade, maintenance and separate from the microcomputer operation).

     Intelligent operating system

     According to the computer system design of the new version of GMP appendix, the test process parameters are flexibly set, and the function of audit tracing (test tracing, log tracing) is provided, which meets the requirements of data traceability and ensures the security and integrity of the test data. You can set different levels of system operation rights.

     Intelligent Statistical analysis, support multiple data standard deviation analysis. At the same time, the system can be expanded, such as access to laboratory LIMS system.

     Personalized test reports are set on demand to support multiple formats of data output.

     Independent test can be separated from the computer, data can be processed automatically, and a built-in micro-printer can print data in real time. The instrument is equipped with computer interface, can also be connected to the computer online detection.

     Laboratory intelligent IoT platform

    It can be connected to the Internet of Things platform to realize digital network management:

     Remote login to the IoT platform can be performed by directly accessing the software interface of the instrument.

     All experimental data can be viewed anywhere by simply logging in to the platform;

     Unified management of experimental data of all instruments in the interface of things platform can be achieved.

     A complete laboratory management process can be realized;

     One-click application for after-sales service, and one-click application for relevant accessories; After-sales staff can provide remote after-sales service through the system. There is a complete after-sales record on the platform, which is convenient for after-sales staff to provide high-quality online service;

     Customers may download the required instrument materials, documents and operation videos on the platform by themselves.

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  • Professional Vertical Heat Seal Tester GBB-C supplier
    Vertical Heat Seal Tester GBB-C

    Product Introduction

    GBB-C vertical heat seal tester can accurately measure the heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, heat sealing pressure, and other heat sealing performance parameters of plastic packaging vertical bags, paper-plastic composite vertical bags and metal composite vertical bags(boxes). The heat sealing performance of samples of different materials are different. And the best heat sealing conditions can be accurately obtained through the determination of their heat sealing performance parameters.


    Testing Principle

    Put the sample on the lower tray of the instrument, adjust the appropriate height according to the size of the sample, set a certain sealing temperature, time and pressure as required, and start the instrument with one key. The fixture on the instrument will heat seal the sample according to the setting parameters. Under the manual state, step on the foot switch, and the heat sealing knife is pressed. The heat sealing time is determined by the value set by the time control. In the automatic state, the upper and lower heat sealing knives of the heat sealer will automatically heat seal repeatedly according to the set time.


    ASTM F 2029



    Technical parameters

    Temperature range

    Room temperature250

    Temperature precision


    Seal time range

    0.1s99.99 h

    Pressure range

    (0~1) MPa

    Heat seal area

    Upper and lower sealing knife 300×5.5 mm, slide lower bar has silicone pad as buffer

    Heat seal method

    Two ways: automatic or manual, external air cylinder

    Air supply

    Compressed air

    Instrument size

    730(L) mm×400(B) mm×535(H) mm


    45 kg


    1200 W

    Power supply

    AC 220V50Hz



    High progress imported quality sensor, quality assurance

    Original imported temperature sensor, wide temperature control range, high sensitivity, temperature control accuracy of ± 1 , it has ultra-high stability and ultra-low failure rate.

    Independent control of heat sealing temperature

    The rear of the heat sealing knife is equipped with a temperature sensor, and the temperature control of the inner and outer sealing knives is independent and set separately.

    Personalized test selection

    Manual testing and automatic testing are free to choose. The automatic mode is time-saving and convenient, and the repeatability is fully automatic for heat-sealing the sample; the manual mode is equipped with a suitable foot switch, step on the foot switch, the heat sealing knife is pressed, and the safety protection is easy to operate.

    New air drive system

    The drive system consists of a pressure gauge, a pressure regulating valve, and a cylinder. After the compressed air is introduced, the pressure is adjusted through the pressure valve, the air pressure can be accurately locked, and the heat sealing clamp is pneumatically driven, which is convenient and efficient.

    Wider range of customized services

    The anti-sticking function of the heat sealing knife can be upgraded as needed, experience upgrade, and it is more intuitive and convenient to determine the best heat sealing conditions.

    The shape, size and smoothness of the sealing knife heat cover can be customized to meet different scientific research needs.





    Plastic stand up pouch

    Paper plastic stand up pouch



    Aluminized stand up pouch

    Milk Boxes

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  • Professional Headspace Gas Analyzer-GB-DK supplier
    Headspace Gas Analyzer-GB-DK

    Product Introduction

    The headspace gas analyzer adopts the destructive puncture detection method and is equipped with high-precision oxygen sensors and carbon dioxide sensors to accurately detect the O2 and CO2 content of hollow packaging containers such as packaging bags, bottles, cans, etc. The analysis of the content of the headspace gas in the packaging can make a reasonable judgment on the product quality, the validity of the shelf life prediction, and the rationality of the packaging design.

    At the same time, it can also be used as a means of packaging tightness testing. It is a better choice for modified atmosphere preservation (MAP, CAP) packaging, large infusion bottles (bags), residual oxygen in the headspace of prefilled needles, residual oxygen detection in vials, and the results of residual oxygen detection for various food and medicines.

    Nowadays, the headspace gas analyzer has become an important method to check the quality of packaging design and one of the important methods to verify the product shelf life. Our headspace gas analyzer GB-DK can quickly detect O2 in production lines, warehouses, laboratories and other occasions. And CO2 content to guide production.


    Test principle

    The gas in the sample is drawn into the sensor by a vacuum pump. The sensor outputs the current and voltage signals of the O2 and CO2 (optional) concentration in the gas in the sample in real time. The instrument calculates the content of O2 and CO2 in the gas by obtaining the current and voltage signals output by the sensor. After reaching the end conditions of the experiment, the test stops, and the instrument records the concentration of O2 and CO2 in the measured gas in the sample.


    Technical parameter



    Gas to be Measured

    O2 (standard configuration)

    CO2 (optional)

    Measurement Principle

    Fluorescence optics

    infrared absorption

    Measurement Range



    Measurement Accuracy



    Sample Size

    ≥5 ml (standard atmospheric pressure)

    20 ml (standard atmospheric pressure)


    350 mm (L)×330 mm(W)×200 mm(H)

    Power Supply

    220 VAC±10 % 50Hz/120 VAC±10 % 60 Hz

    Net Weight




    1.Using high-precision sensors, high accuracy, good stability, long-term operation, long service life. Over-range automatic protection function to avoid damage to important sensors when the instrument fails.

    2.The needle/probe safety holster is used to ensure safe testing and fast sampling.

    3.Oxygen and carbon dioxide can be detected at the same time, and carbon dioxide gas can be selected for analysis according to different user needs. The sampling volume is at least 3 ml.

    4.Built-in operating system, the system is equipped with an ARM control system to control the host through a touch screen (testing equipment and control software are combined into one); at the same time, the system can be expanded, such as connecting to the laboratory LIMS system.

    5.The software is designed according to the requirements of the computerized system in the new version of the GMP appendix, and users are divided into multiple levels such as operators and administrators (such as administrators, operators, observers, etc. but not limited to these levels).

    6.It has the audit trail function, which can realize the audit trail of the system, project operation, and method to ensure the safety and integrity of the test data.

    7.Personalize the test report, set the report module that needs to be displayed, and output the report in PDF mode. The micro printer can print test reports in real time.

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  • Professional GBPI Spectrodensitometer supplier
    GBPI Spectrodensitometer

    GBPI launched new model  Grating Spectrophotometer Densitometer with 45/0(45 ring-shaped illumination, 0 degree viewing angle), comply to standard  ISO 5-4,CIE No.15. It is suitable for using in ink printing, in Film Processing, Textile Printing and Dyeing, Plastic Electronics and Other Industries for Color Measurement and Quality Control; especially suitable for the measurement and quality control of optical density and dot enlargement in ink printing; and it’s able to customize single aperture Φ2mm, Φ4mm, Φ8mm.
    Under the 45/0 geometric optical illumination and the testing conditions of M0, M1, M2, M3, stipulated by ISO 13655 standard, the instrument can accurately measure the reflectance data of samples. Under multiple color spaces, it can accurately measure various printing density indexes, color difference formulas and color indexes, and can meet the user's regular testing of various parameters.

    Product Features

    1.Perfect combination of the beautiful appearance and the ergonomic structure design;

    2.Combined LED light sources with long life and low power consumption, including UV light;

    3.Switchable apertures: Φ2/4/8mm, adapt to more samples;

    4. Accurately measure reflectance spectrum, CMYK density and Lab value of the sample;

    5.High-configuration electronic hardware: 3.5-inch TFT true-color screen, capacitive touch screen, concave grating, 256-pixel dual-array CMOS image sensor, etc.;

    6.Two standard observer angles: 2/10, multiple light source modes and color systems;

    7.USB mode is widely used.

    8.Large-capacity storage space, over 10,000 test data;

    9.Especially suitable for process control and quality control of printing plants;

    10. PC software has powerful function expansion.






    Measurement Geometry

    45/0(45 ring-shaped illumination, 0 degree viewing angle); ISO 5-4,CIE No.15


    Common spectrophotometer densitometer, apply in ink printing, in Film Processing, Textile Printing and Dyeing, Plastic Electronics and Other Industries for Color Measurement and Quality Control;especially suitable for the measurement and quality control of optical density and dot enlargement in ink printing;able to customize single aperture Φ2mm,Φ4mm,Φ8mm.

    Light Source

    Combined LED Light, UV Light

    Spectral separation device

    Concave Grating


    256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor

    Wavelength Range


    Wavelength Pitch


    Half Bandwidth


    Measurement Conditions

    Compliance with ISO 13655 measurement conditions;
    M0 (CIE Light Source A)
    M1 (CIE Light Source D50)
    M2 (Excluding UV light source)
    M3 (M2+Polarized light filter)

    Density Standards

    ISO Status A, E, I, T

    Density index

    Density value, density difference, dot area, dot enlargement, overprint, printing characteristics, printing contrast, tone error and gray level

    Measurement aperture

    Customized one apertureΦ2mm,Φ4mm,Φ8mm optional

    Color Spaces


    Color Difference Formula


    Other Colorimetric Index


    Observer Angle




    Measurement Time

    About 1.5s


    Density: Within 0.01 D


    Chromaticity value:within ΔE*ab 0.04 ( When a white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 5 second intervals after white calibration) Except M3

    Inter-instrument Error

    Within ΔE*ab 0.2 (Average for 12 BCRA Series II color tiles) Except M3

    Measurement mode

    Single Measurement, Average Measurement(2-99)




    About 600g

    Power source

    Li-ion battery. 5000 measurements within 8 hours

    Illuminant Life Span

    5 years, more than 3 million times measurements


    3.5-inch TFT color LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen



    Data memory

    10000 pcs


    Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese

    Working Environment

    Temperature: 0~40℃; Humidity: 0~85% (No Condensation);altitude: less than 2000 m

    Storage Environment

    Temperature: -20~50℃; Humidity: 0~85% (No Condensation)

    Standard Accessory

    Power Adapter, USB Cable, Built-in li-ion battery, User Manual, software(download from the website),White and Black Calibration Board, Protective Cover,Polarization filter box,Locating Plate

    Optional Accessory

    Micro Printer

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  •  Compression Resistance Test Machine -Package Testing Solutions | Compression - Package Testing Solutions
    GBN200G Compression Resistance Test Machine For Plastic Bags

    GBN200G Compression Tester is used to test the pressure resistance and blasting strength of various packaging bags, used in quality inspection, drug testing, scientific research, packaging, film, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries.

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  • ISO 2248
    Incline Impact Testers For Packages Packaging Impact Strength Test ISTA 6 Packaging Test Bundle

    The Inclined Impact tester is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport such as handling, stacking of shelves, sliding, loading , transportation of products. This product is also can supply as the test machine to scientific research institution, college, packaging technique test centre, packaging material manufacture and foreign trade or transport department.

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  • Professional P60 Standard Light Source supplier
    P60 Standard Light Source

    P60 Standard Light Source Used for color observation, color contrast and color matching in a wide range of industries of printing, paints, printing ink, plastics, dyeing and so on.

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