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    Plastic Packaging Cutting Device for Impact or Tensile Test LC-2

    Product Description

    The LC-2 Sample Cutter is used for cutting samples of various plastic films, paper and other materials prior to stretching, peeling and heat sealing tests. It is easy and efficient to operate and can accurately cut samples of standard required sizes.


     Meets the sample making requirements for Type 2 specimens of standard GB/T 1040.3.

     Using imported tungsten steel finely ground special blades, sharp and durable, with hardness up to 92 HRA.

     Accurate sample size, no damage, smooth and burr-free edges.

     Spring tensioned for easy sample fixing and smooth sample cutting.

     The ability to cut up to 12 samples in a single pass allows for efficient production of large batches of samples.

     Safety protection, the outer layer of the blade is covered with an aricotta stopper so that the blade does not come into direct contact with it.

     Different sample widths can be ordered to suit the requirements of each customer.







    Cut size

    15 mm×210 mmOptional width

    Number of samples

    12 pcsSingle Layer

    Sample thickness

     200 μm

    Product size

    250 mm×350 mm×248 mm


    11 kg


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