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packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
Customer Visit
  • Warmly welcome the leaders of Guangdong University of Technology to visit GBPI
    Warmly welcome the leaders of Guangdong University of Technology to visit GBPI 2022-04-01
    On March 31, Xiong Xiaoming, President of Guangdong University of Technology, led a group of five key teachers from the College to visit Guangzhou BSI, and Zhou Xue Cheng, General Manager of the company and various technical backbones attended the exchange meeting. General Manager Zhou led President Xiong and his party to visit the CNAS laboratory , introduced the qualification capability and testing scope of CANS laboratory, and focused on the industrial digitalization construction results of the digital laboratory. Manager Huang introduced to President Xiong the development history, strategic direction and core advantages of Biaoji. The two sides then had an in-depth discussion and exchange on strengthening school-enterprise cooperation, mutual support, complementary advantages and resource sharing between schools and enterprises. President Xiong said at the meeting that the college and GBPI can start a comprehensive cooperation, hoping to take the opportunity of today's visit to establish a close contact with GBPI through the school-enterprise cooperation platform, so as to directly understand the development needs of enterprises on the one hand, and effectively improve the relevance and applicability of the college's personnel training on the other. GBPI has always been committed to promoting the win-win model of school-enterprise cooperation, deepening communication and cooperation with universities and research institutions, building bridges for talent mining and training, and concentrating efforts to promote the technical development of the industry. In the future, GBPI will continue to plow deeper and strive for innovation to lead the development of the industry.
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  • GBPI General Manager Mr Zhou and Manager Miss Janice Visit India
    GBPI General Manager Mr Zhou and Manager Miss Janice Visit India 2019-07-29
    Thanks for our India customers continuous support our GBPI packaging testing equipment,our general manager Mr Zhou and foreign manager Miss Janice visit our india customers with som traditional chinese gifts. Mr Zhou always focus on instruments quality control and he definetely visit customers factory to know more about the testing instruments working status,and absolutely customers feedback is very good comments on our testing mahcine. Mr Zhou and Miss Janice visit our india cooperative partner to know more about our oxygen permeability tester Y310 working status.Definetely,our customers said the testing instrument can greatly help their work a lot and working high precision and test data accuracy.
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  • Warmly Welcome Rusia Customer Mr.Igor Visit GBPI
    Warmly Welcome Rusia Customer Mr.Igor Visit GBPI 2019-07-09
    GBPI greatly welcome our Rusia customer Mr.Igor to visit our packaging testing equipmemt factory. We cooperated few years and Mr.Igor purchased our tear tester GBD-S and GM-1 Coefficient of Friction tester.Today he come to our factory to know more this two machine operation and installation.Below photo shows Mr.Igor installing tear tester Below picture Mr.Igor take photo with our GBPI Packaging Testing Equipment Engineer Mr Ye.
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  • Warmly Welcom Columbia Customer Mr George Vist GBPI
    Warmly Welcom Columbia Customer Mr George Vist GBPI 2019-07-02
    Today is a good day! our Columbia customer Mr George vist our GBPI Factory and our handsome and charming salesman Berton accompany him the whole day! Mr George visited our CNAS Laboratory and inquiry about our water vapor permeability tester W403 and Oxygen Transmission rate Analyzer Y310,Mr Berton was very pleasure to share the two testing equipments technical specifications with him.And Mr George also interesting in our Spout Sealing Machine and would like to be our distributor for thest equipments.
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  • India VIP Customer Mr. Sanjay Vist GBPI Packaging Testing Instrument
    India VIP Customer Mr. Sanjay Vist GBPI Packaging Testing Instrument 2019-06-25
    Greatly welcome our India VIP Customer Mr Sanjay visit our GBPI Packaging Testing Equipment Factory at Guangzhou! Mr Sanjay has cooperated with our GBPI over 16 years,he help us to develop India market and buy our Water Vapor Permeability Tester and Oxygen Permeability Analyzer every year! And Join India Government and Institution Department Tender with our latest packaging testing equipment. Today,Mr Sanjay give a speech with our GBPI Foreign Sales Team.He share with us how to sale our water vapor permeation analzyer and oxygen transmission rate tester to customers.And how to show them our GBPI Competitive Advantage and High quality packaging testing equipment. Below picture shows that Mr Sanjay is discussing with our water vapor permeation tester engineer about the calibration of OTR Analyzer and some other technical parameters. Our Foreign Salesgirl Janey and Vivi Treating Mr Sanjay and his accompany partners in our cooperation hotel hall.
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