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/GBN200G Compression Resistance Test Machine For Plastic Bags

GBN200G Compression Resistance Test Machine For Plastic Bags

GBN200G Compression Tester is used to test the pressure resistance and blasting strength of various packaging bags, used in quality inspection, drug testing, scientific research, packaging, film, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other industries.

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Product Detail

Reference standard

GB/T16491、GB4857.16、 ASTMD642、 ASTM D4169、TAPPIT804、ISO 2872、ISO 12048、JISZ0212


Technical Parameters

Pressure range

50~700 kpa

Air Pressure range


Pressure accuracy


Test distance


        Compression surface size


Air connection

Φ6mm Air pipe

Test Disc








Power supply

AC 220V,50Hz

 Product features

 Pneumatic pressure is easy to operate and the process is simple.

 Set the pressure value, and the instrument will keep the set value for compression.

 The pressure can be adjusted during compression.

 LCD , real-time display of parameters

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