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Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber OTH-150DJ

OTH-150DJ is used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. It is suitable for quality testing of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical care, and aerospace.

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GJB 150.3 high temperature test GJB 150.4 low temperature test

IEC68-2-1 Test A: Cold IEC68-2-2 Test B: Dry Heat

GB 11158 "Technical Conditions for High Temperature Test Chambers" GB10586-1 "Technical Conditions for Humidity and Heat Test Chambers"

GB/T 2423.2 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test B: High Temperature Test Method"

GB/T 2423.3 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ca: Constant Damp Heat Test Method", etc...


Technical Parameters

Internal dimensions


External dimensions

W780*H1720*D1490mm The actual product shall prevail;

Temperature range


Humidity range

20%~98%R.H (Refer to the temperature and humidity control range chart)

Internal material

SUS304 Stainless steel

External material

Electrostatic spray paint or SUS304 stainless steel

Cooling System

French Taikang single stage compressor


R404a(DuPont, USA)

Cooling method



Self-developed 7-inch full-color touch screen controller

Heating rate

2.0℃~4.0℃/min Non-linear no-load

Cooling rate

0.7℃~1.0℃/min Non-linear no-load


50mm wiring hole*1 set, humidifying gauze*1 pack, manual warranty card*1 copy, storage rack*2 pieces





Installed power(kw)

5(Operating power 3.5KW)

Maximum current(A)







Equipment used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance of various materials. It is suitable for quality testing of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical care, and aerospace.


Sample limit

This test equipment prohibits: testing of flammable, explosive and volatile substance samples or storage of corrosive substance samples or storage of biological samples, testing or storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples

3. Performance

3.1.Test environment conditions

3.1. Test Methods

The ambient temperature is +25°C, the relative humidity is ≤85%, and there is no sample in the test chamber

GB/T 5170.2 Temperature test equipment

GB/T 5170.5 damp heat test equipment (only damp heat type)

3.2. Temperature fluctuation


3.3. Temperature deviation


3.4. Humidity fluctuations


3.5. Humidity Deviation


3.6. load condition

The test space is no more than three-quarters of the total space, and there is no heat source.

3.7. Punching sample holder (reference picture)


3.8. Temperature and humidity control reference chart


3.9. Meet the test standard





GJB 150.3 high temperature test GJB 150.4 low temperature test

IEC68-2-1 Test A: Cold IEC68-2-2 Test B: Dry Heat

GB 11158 "Technical Conditions for High Temperature Test Chambers" GB10586-1 "Technical Conditions for Humidity and Heat Test Chambers"

GB/T 2423.2 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test B: High Temperature Test Method"

GB/T 2423.3 "Basic Environmental Test Procedures for Electrical and Electronic Products Test Ca: Constant Damp Heat Test Method", etc...

4. Structure

4.1. Insulation layer structure


Outer wall material: electrostatic spray paint or 304 stainless steel Inner wall material: 304 stainless steel

Box insulation material: flame retardant and fireproof rigid polyurethane foam Door insulation material: flame retardant and fireproof rigid PU polyurethane foam

4.1. air conditioning channel

Up and down air outlet, centrifugal circulation motor

4.2. Test box standard configuration

The visible window area is about L220xH250mm with three vacuum layers;

Lighting lamp in the box, wiring lead hole: 1 set of φ50mm;

4.3. Door

Single door, left door, observation window, lighting, window/door frame anti-condensation electric heating device;

4.4. Control Panel

Controller display, running indicator light, power button switch, USB data download interface

4.5. mechanical room

Refrigeration unit, water tray, drain hole, etc.

4.6. Power distribution control cabinet

Power distribution board, cooling system

4.7. Heater

High-temperature insulating ceramic heating wire (fast heating speed, small inertia, etc.)

4.8. Humidifier

Steam humidification system, circulation through the air duct system

4.9. Power cord hole and drain hole

located on the back of the device

5. Cooling System

6.1 Refrigeration Compressors

 Fully enclosed compressor imported from France Taikang

6.2 Evaporator

  Finned tube evaporator (double as dehumidifier)



     Air-cooled finned tube condenser    

6.4  Expansion system

Volume Control Refrigeration Systems (Capillary or Expansion Valve)

6.6 Chiller control method

The controller of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator and the evaporation pressure regulating valve according to the test conditions.

Compressor return air cooling circuit.

6.7 Refrigerant

American DuPont R404a

(environmentally friendly, ozone depletion index is 0)


7.Screen controller

Zhenghang independent research and development program (hardware customization)


7.1 Features of temperature and humidity controller

Zhenghang independently developed a 7-inch touch screen control system,

Chinese and English operation interface, with 110 groups of programs and 5000 segments of memory,

Each section is 999Hour59Min, which can be divided and set arbitrarily and has multiple sets of PID control functions.

7.2 Controller Specifications

Accuracy: temperature ±0.01℃+1digit, humidity ±0.1%R.H+1digit

Resolution: temperature ±0.01℃, humidity ±0.1%R.H.

Temperature slope: 0.1 ~ 9.9 can be set.

With upper and lower limit standby and alarm function.

Temperature and humidity input signal wet and dry bulb PT100x2.

15 groups of P.I.D control parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation.

Dry and wet bulb automatic correction.

7.3 Screen display function introduction


Temperature and humidity setting (SV) and actual (PV) values are directly displayed.

It can display the current program number, segment, remaining time and cycle times.

Running cumulative time function.

The set value of the temperature and humidity program is displayed as a graphic curve, and it has the function of real-time display of the program curve execution.

It has a separate program editing screen, and each page can input at least 5 segments of temperature, humidity and time.

Chinese and English can be switched at will. The fault prompt screen is displayed. The screen can be adjusted for backlight.

The screen display protection function can be set as timing, TIMER or manual shutdown.

Available program groups: up to 110 PATTEN.

Usable memory capacity: 5000 SEGMENTS in total.

Repeatable commands: each command can be up to 999 times.

The production of the program adopts a conversational style, with functions such as editing, clearing, and inserting.

SEGMENTS time setting 0~999Hour59Min.

Programmable sequence control module device.

With power-off program memory, it will automatically start and continue to execute the program after power is restored.

Graphical curves can be displayed in real time during program execution.

It has the function of automatically adjusting the freezing capacity.

With scheduled start and shutdown functions.

Button and screen lock (LOCK) function.

8 Safety device

8.1 Refrigeration System Protection

●Compressor overheating         

●Compressor overcurrent     

●Compressor oil pressure overpressure protection  

●Condensing fan overheated

8.2 Chamber protection

●Adjustable over-temperature protector    

●Air conditioning channel limit over temperature  

●Fan motor overheating

8.3 Other protection

●Leakage Protection         

●Heating and humidification dry burning protection    

●Overload and short circuit protection   

●Over-temperature power-off protection    

●Water tank protection

9 Appendix

9.1   USB Interface (standard configuration)

The controller can download historical curves and historical data. The historical data is saved in Excel format, and the required data can be downloaded by date. The historical data is saved in the form ofJPG pictures, which can be enlarged or reduced according to the needs, and then downloaded.

9.2 Remote control system and mobile APP control (requires optional function)



The test box is integrated and transported as a whole; (short-distance self-delivery, long-distance logistics)

10.1 Size

10.2 Weight

Maximum shipping dimensions (without packaging): see selection table "Dimensions"

Maximum transport weight (without packaging): see selection table "Weight"

11 Conditions of Use

The user guarantees the following conditions

12.1 Installation site

The ground is flat and well ventilated

No strong vibration around the device

There is no strong electromagnetic field around the device

No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment

Appropriate use and maintenance space is reserved around the equipment, as shown in the figure below:







12.2 Environmental conditions

Temperature: 5℃~30℃ Relative humidity: ≤85% Air pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

12.3 Humidification water

Bottled drinking water or distilled water, not unfiltered tap water;

12.4 Power supply conditions

power supply




AC220V single phase (must be connected to protective ground)

Allowable voltage fluctuation range: ±10% V

Frequency: 50Hz

The grounding resistance of the protective ground wire is less than 4Ω

The user is required to configure an air or power switch of corresponding capacity for the device at the installation site, and this switch must be used independently for this device (not for use with sockets)


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Professional Ozone Aging Test Chamber (Dynamic Stretching) GB-OCY-150M supplier Ozone Aging Test Chamber (Dynamic Stretching) GB-OCY-150M
1 Function Ozone in the atmosphere is very little, while it’s a major factor in rubber cracking, the product simulate and enhance atmospheric ozone condition to study the role of ozone on the rubber, and to rapid identificate and evaluate rubber resistance for ozone aging and anti-ozone agent protection. According to“GB / T7762-2003 Test Method for Static Tensile Test of Ozone Resistance Cured Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber”,“GB / T2951.21-2008 General Test Method for Insulation and Sheathing Material of Cable”,“GB / T 11206-2009 Rubber Aging test surface cracking method”, and other relevant standards of the test method. 2.1 Structure  All-in-one machine 2.2 Material a) Inner chamber: SUS304 stainless steel plate b) External chamber: SUS304 stainless steel plate or baking finish. Insulation: rigid polyurethane foam + aluminum insulation cotton with double protection. 2.3 Machine door a) Single door, open from left. b) Window frame / door frame with two silicone rubber seal and anti-condensation heating device. c)With observation window (W220xH250mm), lights above the window and door.  2.4 Requirements for sample holder (for dynamic-type only)   a)At both ends of the sample to be fixed with a clamp under the required elongation, the longitudinal direction of the specimen shall be substantially parallel to the direction of air flow when in contact with ozonized air. b) Clamps shall be made of a material (eg aluminum) which does not readily decompose ozone. c) Allow the sample to rotate at a speed between (20 ^ -25) mm / s, in a plane perpendicular to the dry gas flow, with each sample moving continuously along the same path. d) The time of one revolution of the same specimen is (8 ^ -12) min. The scanning area of the specimen shall be at least 40% of the effective area of the test chamber. Specimen preparation shall conform to the provisions of GB / T 9865.1. The test specimen is preferably cut from the new test piece and, if desired, may be cut from the finished product. At least 3 specimens shall be required for per test condition. The standard length of the specimen is not less than 10mm, and thickness not less than 0.2mm. The length of specimen between the two ends of the clamp before drawing is not less than 40mm. 3 Control panel a) Controller display b) Power switch c) Fault alarm d)Wavelength switch e)light switch button 4 Enclosure configuration a) With a stainless steel SUS # 304 shelf turntable b) One φ50mm lead hole:, and with a hole cover and silicone rubber plug. c) Move casters 4 pcs d) Horizontal mounting brackets 4 pcs e) There is a drainage hole in the back of the machine to facilitate the drainage of condensate; (8mm in diameter) Three-phase five-wire cable (four-core cable + protective grounding wire) 1 pc, (three meters long).
Professional PCT Test Chamber / Pressure Cooker test chamber GB-OPCT-30 supplier PCT Test Chamber / Pressure Cooker test chamber GB-OPCT-30
1.Function It’s widely used in rubber products, magnetic materials, circuit boards, muti-layer circuit boards, IC, LCD, electronics and other products sealing performance testing. 2.Characteristics 1) The imported double-temperature structure with high temperature resistant solenoid valve is used to minimize the failure rate. 2) Independent steam generation chamber to avoid direct impact of steam on the product, so as not to cause partial damage to the product. 3) The door lock labor-saving structure solves the shortcomings of the locking difficulty of the first-generation product disc handle. 4) Cool air before the test; the design of the exhaust air in the test (air discharge in the test barrel) improves the pressure stability and reproduction. 5) Ultra long-term experimental running time up to 400 hours. 6) Water level protection, through the test room water level Sensor to detect protection. 7) Tank with anti-pressure design, the box body with pressure (150 ° C) up to 2.65kg, in line with the water pressure test of 6kg. 8) Two-stage pressure safety protection device, adopting two-stage combined controller and mechanical pressure protection device. 9) Safety protection pressure button, two-stage automatic pressure button for emergency safety device. 10) Bias test terminal withstand voltage up to 3000V (optional) 11) USB for exporting the history data, curve. 3.Technical parameters 1)Temperature range: +100°C~+132°C (Saturated vapor temperature) 2)Humidity Range: 100% steam Humidity 3)Humidity Control Stability: ±1%RH 4)Working pressure: 1.2~2.89kg/cm2 (including 1atm) 5)Time Range: 0 Hr to 999 Hr 6)Pressurization time: 0.00 Kg ~ 1.04 Kg/cm2 about 45 minutes 4.Material of chamber 1)Test chamber size:∮300 mm x L500 mm; 2)Overall size: W900x D900 x H1400 mm; 3)Inner barrel material: Stainless steel plate material (SUS# 316, 3mm); 4)Outer barrel material: stainless steel plate material or spray plastic; 5)Insulation material: rock wool and hard polyurethane foam insulation 6)Steam chamber heating tube: Titanium tube is heated and never rusts. 7)Control System: Taiwan-made Delta color touch PLC to control humidity and steam temperature (using PT-100 Platinum temperature sensor). (Imported large-screen touch controller) 5.Mechanical structure 1)Round inner box, stainless steel round test inner box structure, in line with industrial safety container standards, can prevent dew condensation design during test. 2)Round lining, stainless steel circular lining design, can avoid direct impact of vapor latent heat on the sample. 3)Precision design, good air tightness, low water consumption, and can be operated continuously for 400Hrs every time. 4)The patented packing design makes the door and the box more tightly combined, which is completely different from the traditional extrusion type, and can extend the packing life. 5)Critical point LIMIT mode automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault indicator display. 6)Security Protection: a)Imported high temperature sealed solenoid valve adopts double circuit structure to ensure no leakage of pressure. b)The whole machine is equipped with over-pressure protection, over-temperature protection, one-button pressure relief, manual pressure relief and multiple safety guarantee devices to ensure users to the greatest extent. c)Use and safety. d)Back pressure door lock device, the test box door cannot be opened when there is pressure inside the test chamber. 6.Other accessories. 1)Test rack 1 group 2)Sample tray   7.Ambient environment & Facilities. 1)It can be allowed to use the working environment temperature 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C; experimental water: pure water or distilled water 2)System power fluctuations should not be greater than ± 10, 220V 20A.
Professional Xenon arc lamp aging test chamber GB-OXD-15P supplier Xenon arc lamp aging test chamber GB-OXD-15P
1.Profile Xenon lamp aging test chamber simulates the full spectrum lamp with Xenon arc lamp to reappear the destructive wave. It serves for the environmental simulation and accelerated test for research and development, product development and quality control. Besides, the chamber also applies to the choice of new material, weathering test after composition of material and improvement for the current material. It simulate different environment, and show the material changes under the explosion of sunlight.   The chamber meets the standard: GB/T16585-1996 , GB14522-93 , GB/T16422.3-97, ASTM D2565 and so on. The Chamber is to determine the color fastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, coatings, rubber products or other materials by objecting to the simulated conditions of nature weather (sun, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.). Technical parameters 2.Material of construction u Full spectrum lamp u Optional filter system u Water spraying function u Humidity control u Temp. control system in the chamber u Sample fixed hold of irregular shape u USA imported xenon arc lamp u Easy installation and operation, seldom daily maintainance. u Service life time deepens on the irradiance level, usually 1600hrs. It’s easy to replace the lamp, with filter of long service life time to ensure the necessary spectrum. 3.Technical parameters Model No., equipment name GB-OXD-15P Xenon aging test chamber Interior sizes   W500×D500×H600mm  Exterior sizes W1050×D1050×H1750mm (or so) Temperature range 0℃~80℃ Controller imported programmable 7inch touch screen Machine components material inner and outer 304# stainless steel Sample holder Aluminum alloy frame base Protection device residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) to control the warning for loop overload, thermal protection and water shortage protection. Temp. deflection ±2℃  (without lighting) Humidity range 30%~98%R.H Humid. deflection ±2.5%R.H(Humid.≥75%R.H); ±3%R.H(Humid.≤75%R.H) without lighting Light source imported full spectrum xenon arc lamp(average useful life 1600hrs) Raining time 1~9999min (adjustable) Raining period 1~240min, interval(cut)adjustable lamp power Test period for Temp., irradiation, condensation, spray can be adjustable Lamp 1.8KW Wave length range 290-800nm heating power (or so) 4.0KW humidification (or so) 2.0KW Light irradiance 1200w/m2 Distance between arc center and sample holder: 350~380mm Revolving speed of sample holder ≥1r/min  water spray period a. spray time: 0~99h59min (Continuing or adjustable) b. stop time: 0~99h59min, (Continuing or adjustable)   lighting time Continuing programming control available black panel temp. 85±3℃ cooling method Mechanical wind cooling; Room temp. less than 26℃ is recommend, relative humid: ≤85%R.H; humid. and temp. tested after 2 hours under idle condition. 4.Temperature & humidity running control system controller imported programmable 7inch touch screen precision range set precision: temp. ±0.1℃, humid: ±2%R.H, indicated precision: temp.±0.1℃,humid.: ±1%R.H temp. & humid. sensor Platinum Resistance(PT100Ω/MV) black panel temp. double-metal black panel temp. thermometer water-supplying system auto-control humidication water-supplying, Xenon arc lamp with cycling cooling water circulation system low noise heat-resistance conditioning motor, multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel control system mainly consists of operation panel, central controller, kinds of key-pressing sw., status indicating lamp, excution electric device etc.. 5.Structure section of machine body The chamber consists of several section: chamber body, control system, refrigeration system, heating system, humidation system, wind system, raining system, lighting system and so on. Chamber body a. With integrated structure, the chamber consists of up left part as working room, up right part as electric controller which is convenient to control, down part as compressor cooling group, sample holder rotation device, Xenon lamp condensation water box, water pump and other executive devices. b. Inner wall of chamber adopts international SUS304# material. c. Temp. insulation material is polyurethane foam and ultra-fine fibre glass, with good temp. insulation result, no frost and condensation on the external surface of chamber. d. condensate water outfall set at the bottom of chamber e. Environmental heat-resistance silicon sealing tape as the material of door frame. f. Viewing window with eye-protective film on its surface to protect eyes from being injured by Xenon lamp. external chamber body a. Seal of door adopts the double-layer of refined silicone rubber with reliable sealing effect and no aging or hardening phenomenon under high or low temperature. b. Single door (embedded handle); c. Viewing window, antifrost device and lamp equipped on the door viewing window Size:25 cm W × 30 cm H;equipped with Anti-radiation hollow glass 6.Electric control section of chamber a. As the core part of chamber b. Air pressure switch as the main switch to control the main circuit; c. Safety measures for electric section: it warns and cut electricity automatically after tested the action from following protection devices: a) overheat protection in working room b) lockage of phase, leakage protection c) overcurrent protection of motor d) overpressure/overload protection of cooling machine e) short out/overload protection of heater, humidifer f) fusing protection of fuse 7.Working section of chamber Condensation section of compressor. a.Cooling system: as the core part of cooling system, we adopt one set of compressor of Tecumseh from France in this case to ensure the cooling requirement in the working room. b.For adjustment technology and design of cooling system, we take an efficiency processing way to ensure the adjustment for the cooling amount and consumption of cooling system under the normal running, to make the failure rate down to the economical statue. c.Cooling evaporator: it locates in interlayer at one side of chamber which ventilate by force from blast motor to exchange heat fast. d.Cooling method of cooling system: forced air cooling Cooling refrigerant:Environmental R404a; Heating system a. Heating method: heating directly in the chamber; b. Military level stainless steel heating tube used, with fast and stable heating to keep temperature in the working room from rapid change. It with corrosion resistance, anti-high-low temperature, no leakage and other advantages. c. With SSR (solid relay)output control, without noise, reliable working, long service life time, fast switching, low interference from outside, and easy operation etc.. Rain system.   it consists of nozzle, solenoid valve, water-supplying and connecting pipe. Lighting system. It consists of xenon lamp, lamp cover, lamp contactor and other controlling parts. Energy compensation is got by adjusting samples distance, pressure and current. Wind system  It locates in the interlayer at the back of chamber, there are heater, fan blade, evaporator, PT100 temperature samples sensor etc.. when wind machine running, the air is intaken to the channel from working room, and blow out from the bottom after cooled; the air exchanged in the working room with samples is intaken again to the channel and mix; after several circulation, it will reach the purposed temperature, and ensure the high index of temp. and humid in the chamber at the same time. Cooling dehumidification system take the compressor of world brand Tecumseh from France to keep constant temperature, decrease the humidity in the working room and cool the xenon lamp. Humidification Steam generator: to generate steam from water Water level control: control the water inlet by solenoid valve, and water level by liquid level switch to provide the signal for water-supply and warning. Air circulation section Cycling channel and winding machine inside the chamber, it uses the high efficiency cooling machine and energy adjusting system, efficiency heat exchange to reach the aim of temperature change, which also improves the airflow and heat exchange between airflow, heating and humidification, as a result, it improves the humidity uniformity in the working room. 8. Enclosured files: operation manual, warranty card 9. Machine running requirements Temp. 5℃~+32℃ Humidity ≤85% Power supply AC220(±10%)V/50HZ    10. Core components parts Remark: replacement of some small parts of the same quality is possible because of material shortage.
Professional Salt spray test chamber GB-OSH-60 supplier Salt spray test chamber GB-OSH-60
1. FunFunction Salt spray test chamber is used for the quality inspection and corrosion resistance test of a variety of materials, including metal plating, metal, electronic components, chemical coatings, paint, automobiles, motorcycles, metal ware, screws, springs, magnetic materials, organic and inorganic coating, anodizing, anti-rust oil industry etc. after the surface treatment. 1. ecGTechnical parameters 1. MODEL GB-OSH-60 2. Temperature inside chamber 35℃±1℃/ 50℃±1℃ 3. Temperature of pressure barrel 47℃±1℃/ 63℃±1℃  4. Inner size W600 x H400 x D450mm   5. External size W1080 x H1080 x D650mm 6. Temperature Uniformity ≤±2℃ 7. Uniformity Fluctuation ≤±0.5℃ 8. Salt fog settlement 1~2ml/h.80cm2 9. Compressed air pressure 1.00±0.01kgf/cm² 10. Spray mode Continuous or intermittent spray optional 11. Power supply AC  220V   50Hz   1.5KW a)  Temp. range: RT+10℃ ~ 55℃ (temperature up to 50C, thickening PVC or PP material is recommended ) b) Humid. range: ≥93%R.H c) Controller time shown: 9.9s~9990hrs d) Timer: 0~9999hrs. e) Testing method: Neutral salt spray test (NSS test), acetic acid salt spray test (AASS test), salt spray test (SS test), copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test method for salt spray test (CASS test) and so on; (For CASS test, we recommend the PP material chamber with high temperature resistance) f) Specimen holder: It can meet the tilt test at 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ (two layers); g) Air compressor: V-0.013/12.5(Customer provided); discharge pressure:1.25M; flow amount: 0.13m3/min   1. MMMaterial of machine body a) Salt spray chamber adopts the quality PVC reinforced hard plastic plate, the surface is smooth and anti-aging, anti-corrosion; b) Without any FRP material produced on the surface because of discoloration fibrosis. Plastic structure of the chamber is better to meet strong acid salt spray test under long-term without any damage. c) Cover is imported transparent impact-resistant plate which is convenient to test specimen when test, that can cover and the box with a water seal to prevent leakage of salt spray.   2. AccAccording to CSN, JIS, ASTM standards, can be set to constant temperature control: (a) Brine spray test: NSS (neutral); · Temp. inside chamber: 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃ · Pressure air bucket: 47 ℃ ± 1 ℃ (b) Corrosion resistance test: CASS (copper acceleration), AASS (acid) · Temp. inside chamber: 50 ° C ± 1 ° C · Pressure air bucket: 63 ℃ ± 1 ℃   3. Watwatering system. It adopts the auto watering system, supply water when lack of water. 4. HeaHeating system Test temperature inside the cabinets is heated humidification water jacket, the heater adopts advanced titanium protective tube, built-in nickel-chromium alloy infrared heater core. Heating up fast, uniform temperature distribution; and saves about one half of the power compared to FRP tank jacketed heating. 5. ExeExecutive standard GB/T 2423.17 Basic test procedures for electric and electronic products Ka"- salt spray test methods; GB/T 10125 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – salt spray tests; ASTM B368 Test Method for Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid-Salt Spray (Fog) Testing (CASS Test); JIS Z2371-2000 Methods of salt spray testing etc. ISO 9227 Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres (Note: 2 collection device is required, bigger models than ZH-SH-90 (270L) is required; In some versions, it specifies over 400liters is necessary)  ASTM B117-18 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus (Note: 2 collection device is required, bigger models than ZH-SH-90 is required )
Professional UV lamp aging test chamber GB-OUVA-115 supplier UV lamp aging test chamber GB-OUVA-115
Profile The UV Accelerated weathering test chamber stimulates dew and rain with consideration for humidity and/or water spray equipped with a fluorescent UV lamp which can completely simulate the UV spectra of sunlight, exposes materials to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures. It’s most widely used weathering tester to test types of damages include color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation. The source adopts 8 pieces of UV lamps of 40W as the light source. The lamps are distributed on the two sides of machine, 4 pieces for each side (UVA-340 and UVB-313 optional), 8 pieces in total . 1.Main technical parameters Item UV Lamp aging test chamber Model GB-OUVA-115   Interior size   W1150 X H400 x D500mm Exterior size W1350 X H1450 x D650mm Weight 120kgs Controller -LCD 7-inch touch screen controller, with programmable temp., humid., UV(sun), and time and Fix mode of 2 running modes.    -USB interface -Operation button -Alarm indicator -Irradiation timer Temp. control mode PID self-adjustment SSR control Temp. range RT+10℃ ~ 70℃ (adjustable) Temp. deviation ±2.0℃ Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃ Humidity range ≥93%R.H Temp. uniformity ±1℃ Temp. fluctuation ±0.5℃ Distance between lamps 75mm±15mm Distance between samples and lamps 100 ~ 50mm±30mm Irradiation level ≤1.1W/m2 adjustable Adjustment Test period for Temp., irradiation, condensation, spray can be adjustable Irradiation lamp ATLAS Lamp UVA-340, L=1200/40W, 8pcs (average service life: 1600hrs)   Temp. control method PID self-adjustable SSR control Depth of water channel 25mm under auto-control UV Wavelength UVA-340: 315 ~ 400nm; Test time 0~999 H 99 min (adjustable) Function Temperature, light, condensation, spray test cycle is adjustable Black board Temp. 50℃ ~ 70℃ (temperature inside the chamber plus 20℃ ~ 25℃) 2.Structure & Material a)Structure: The middle of the machine is the working chamber, the water system located at the bottom of machine, its top is the control cabinet and control panel. Open the door from front direction. The bottom of the chamber with high-quality PU activity wheel that can be fixed, users can move it according to their requirements positioning. -Single cycling system for air flue in the box, there’s one inlet axis weeding machine which improves the flow amount of air, the heating ability and the whole temperature uniformity in the test machine. -Water source and consumption: Tap water or distilled water for 8liters per day. -Heating method is to heat liner water tank with fast heating speed and high temperature uniformity. b)Material: -Inner box: high grade stainless steel plate -Outer box: stainless steel plate SUS304 or stoving varnish for option. 3.Spray System -Using the manual control function of the controller, to observe the spray condition in the open-door state, so as to adjust or replace the nozzle. -The machine is equipped with a sprinkler, the sprinkler simulates the temperature upheaval and rain erosion during the rain, with a total of several nozzles, sprayed evenly. The spray time is set by the customer. -Inner water level is with automatic water replenishing. 4.Light source system Types of light source (simulate the sunlight) Light source: 4 imported UV fluorescent lamps (ATLAS) with rated power of 40W, UVA-340 and UVB-313 light source for users to choose. Like other lamps, the aging of the QUV tube causes the lamp output to drop, and the QUV without the Irradiance meter control system uses the rotational position method to compensate. This system can be used for many application standards, but it has inherent limitations. This method of changing position does not compensate for the effects of different batches of lamps or the surrounding environment. 5.UV Cycle Temperature control The components of the UV cycle system include a blower, air heater, air distribution system, and blackboard temperature sensor. a)Blower: Installed in the lower tank air duct of the equipment, the blower is continuously operated throughout the UV cycle. b)Air heater: Installed in the air duct above the blower to heat the air blown by the blower when needed. c)Air distribution system: The air blown by the blower enters the test chamber through the air duct, and then the air guide to the entire chamber. 6.Heating system a)High speed heating tube of U-shape titanium alloy; b)independent temperature control system and lighting system; c)temp. control and output power controlled by micro computer with high accuracy and high efficiency. d)Thermal protection function of heating system. -The black panel adopts the colorful touch screen controller or digital key pressing controller to control the heating process. PID self-regulation, monitoring all adopt the standard PT100 temp. sensor of black panel. Temp. of water tank adopts the colorful touch screen touch screen program to control the heating, water tank locates at the bottom of tank, there is electrical heating device. During the test process, there’s test phase is dark condensation which need to generate saturated steam of high temperature, when steam meet the cool temperature, it condenses into water on its surface. 7.USB port (standard) All the history curve and history data can be downloaded from controller as Excel or JPG according to date. 8.Standards compliant GB/T14552-2008 "National Standard of the People's Republic of China - Plastics, Coatings, Rubber Materials for Machinery Industry - Artificial Climate Accelerated Test Method", a, fluorescent UV / condensation test method. GB/T16422.3-1997 GB/T16585-96 Relevant analytical methods. GB/T16585-1996 "National Standard of the People's Republic of China - Test Method for Artificial Weathering of  Fluorinated Rubber (Fluorescent UV Lamp)". GB/T16422.3-1997 "Plastics Laboratory Light Source Exposure Test Method" and other corresponding standard terms and design standards. In line with international testing standards: current ultraviolet aging test standards such as ASTM D4329, ISO 4892-3, ISO 11507, SAE J2020. 9.Safety protection device a)Ground protection b)power source overload and short circuit breaker c)control loop overload and short circuit fuse protector d)water shortage protection e)thermal protection 10.Quality assurance system Sailham strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001:2015 quality management system and European CE product certification. 11.Standard accessories attached to machine Stainless steel SUS # 304 Shelf layer 1pc Power cord 1pc A drain hole (8 mm in diameter) Operation and maintenance instructions 1 copy Controller manual 1 copy Warranty card 1 copy 12.Equipment ambient environment -Grounding resistance cable is less than 4Ω; -Requires users to configure the device at the installation site for the capacity of the air or power switch, and the switch must be independent for the device (plug-socket is not allowed); -Temperature: 5℃ ~ +30℃ -Humidity: ≤85% -Pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa -Power supply: AC220 (±10%) V, 50 / 60HZ   -Power: 4.5KW 13.Core components parts. Remark: replacement of other parts in the same brand as material shortage. Parts Brand (origin) Touch screen controller Independent R&D software, Delta controller UV lamp USA /ATLAS/QLAB Stainless steel inner and externer sheel OHKURA (Japan) AC contactor Schneider (France) Heating tube Taiyi (Taiwan) Humidification tube Taiyi (Taiwan) Intermediate relay Japan IDEC Heating tube Taiyi (Taiwan) S.S.R TOONE (CN) Ballast CN PAK Electrical (CN) Regulator module LONCONT (CN) Spray Water pump CN Linxiao Draught fan TECO (Taiwan) Dimming module Japan Panasonic Overtemperature protector  RAINBOW (Korea) Flat handle OHKURA (Japan)  
Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator Laboratory Refrigerator to Keep Freshness of Food and Vegetables GQ-300
GQ-300 Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator is a kind of Laboratory Refrigerator with microelectronics technology, is for making preservation experiment on fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants in modified atmosphere conditions, and keeps them fresh by controlling concentration of O2, N2, CO2, and C2H4 and the temperature and humidity in the boxes. It is widely used in industries of microorganisms, environmental, food, research institute and so on.
Vacuum Freeze Dryer Vacuum Freeze Dryer GB-LGJ-200F
Introduction Vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for drying product such as food, drug products, biological products, Chinese medicine and more. It is to dry product at low temperature to preserve, stabilize, store and increase the life of products.. Freeze vacuum drying is a new type of box structure introduced by the vacuum freeze dryer that combines the refrigeration system, vacuum system, heat transfer oil heating system, and moisture removal system. It uses the space for storing materials in the box to dry. Main Technical Parameters   Item GB-LGJ-200F Drying chamber Freeze-drying area 2.25m2 Layers of shelf 5+1 Temperature scope of shelf -50℃-+70℃ (no-load) Shelf temperature error ±1℃ (in balance) Shelf spacing 70mm Size of shelf 500mm*900mm Condenser Min. Temperature of condenser ≤-70℃ (no-load) Water-capture capability >30Kg Liquid material 22L(thickness 10mm) Defrosting Electric defrosting Final Vacuum degree ≤ 5Pa Style of cooling Fan cooling Main functions Manual + Auto Control Mode, Sensor calibration, Intelligent temperature control, Freeze drying termination reminding and other functions are available. Technical parameters □ Main configuration   Shelf effective area 2.25 m2 □ Specification   Shelf size 500mm × 900mm   Shelf numbers 5+1(Radiation layer) Top shelf as temperature compensating plate   Material number plate 10 pcs   Shelf spacing 70 mm   Shelf temperature range -50℃~+70℃ (no-load)   Min. condenser temp. ≤ -70℃  (no-load)   System final vacuum degree ≤ 5Pa □ Basic configuration    Installation Power 13.5KW     ★ This is installed power, not operating power. □ Shape and other parts   Dimension(mm): About 1200x2100x1700mm, L*W*H   Weight(Kg):  About 1200   Noise ≤ 80dB   Electrical system Ground protection   Design, production, installation standards According to GMP, GB/T522 6.1-1996   Whole machine test Test, verify data, methods, and equipment support □ Drying chamber components   Shape Rectangular   Roughness of inner wall Ra ≤ 0.6μm   Opening direction Clockwise or anticlockwise (overlooking ,user confirm)   Chamber material AISI 304  stainless steel ◆  Door  material ACRYLIC   Working temperature ≥ 70℃   Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam □ Shelf components ◆ Shelf material AISI 304  Top and bottom plate thickness 5mm ◆ Shelf structure AISI 304 stainless steel (Patent No. :ZL201020237059.X)   Roughness of shelf Ra ≤ 0.6 μm   Flatness ≤ ±0.5mm / m   Effective shelf size 500mm×900 mm   Amount of shelf 5+1     Effective area of shelf 2.25m2 ◆ Shelf spacing  70 mm   Temperature decreasing rate +20℃ down to -40℃/ within 60 min, (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )   Temperature elevating rate -40℃ up to +20℃/ within 60 min, (no-load, entrance of silicon oil ) ◆ Shelf lowest temperature ≤ -50℃      (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )   Shelf highest temperature ≥ +70℃    (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )   Shelf temperature error ≤ ±1℃ ≤ ±1℃ ( in balance ) □ Condenser components   Condenser Shape Vertical type, cylindrical Compact structure, better water capture ,easy to clean and defrosting ◆ Condenser material AISI 304   Condenser water capture ≥ 30Kg   Condenser temp. Decreasing +20℃--40℃, within 30 minutes ◆   Condenser Min. temp. ≤ -70℃   Defrosting Electrochemical cream ◆ Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam □ Refrigeration system   Refrigerator France original imported TECUMSEH full closure compressor ◆ Refrigerant Environmentally friendly refrigerant   Refrigerator number 2 sets   Shelf refrigeration 1 sets (shelf refrigeration at same time, indirect refrigeration)   Condenser refrigeration 1 set (shelf refrigeration at same time, direct refrigeration) ★ World famous devices are used to make sure correct, stable, safe and reliable.   High pressure protection device When system’s air discharge pressure exceeds allowed pressure, machine automatically stops working, to avoid an accident.   expansion valve DANFOSS(Denmark)   Top cover valve Castel(Italy)   solenoid valve DANFOSS(Denmark)   Oil separator ZOER   High pressure controller DANFOSS(Denmark)   Disacidify filter DANFOSS(Denmark)   Pressure meter LR/REFCO LR/REFCO(Germany/Swiss) oil submerge  pressure meter   Water cooling condenser Well-known brand □ Vacuum system ◆ Double stage rotary vane pump Tan's Vacuum Pump   Quantity 1 set ◆ Vacuum gauge Reborn   Chamber pumping rate Atmosphere→10 Pa ≤30 minutes(in dry condition)   System Maximum vacuum ≤ 5Pa   System leaking rate ≤ 10 Pa·l / sec □ Liquid circulation system ◆   Liquid low viscosity silicon oil ( 25℃, 5cst ) National qualified product   Liquid tubing material AISI 304, welding, heat  keeping ◆ Circulation pump ★GRUNDFOS, original imports, web rotor canned pump From Denmark brand, world famous brand   Circulation pump quantity 1 set   Heating rate 4kW   Heating control style Solid-state relay ◆ Stainless steel plate heat exchanger Well-known brands   Temperature sensor PT-100 platinum resistance □  Control system ◆ Control style Automatic and manual control ◆ Control system FD-PILOT   Control board SH-HPSC-II   Touch screen MCGS   Intermediate relay CHINT   AC contactor CHINT   Air circuit-breaker CHINT   Wiring terminals: Well-known brands □ Safety protection   Whole machine protection All safety conditions are ready for whole machine, machine can start running.   Operation protection Electrical system have logic interlock, control and protection function   Vacuum pressure Available   Heating system Available   Power cut and supply With safety protection measure   Products protection during sublimation process Heat cutting if vacuum lack   Condenser protection when vacuum pump start Interlock □ Whole machine design   Power 3Ph+N+PE, 380V   Installed power 13.5 KW (this is installed power, not running power)   Whole machine structure Integrated structure (easy for transport and placement)   Whole machine size About  1200x2100x1700mm, L*W*H   Whole machine weight (kg) About 1200   Time of warranty: One year after site acceptance.  
Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator for Fruits and Vegetables GQ-160
GQ-160 Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator, with microelectronics technology, is for making preservation experiment on fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants in modified atmosphere conditions, and keeps them fresh by controlling concentration of O2, N2, CO2, and C2H4 and the temperature and humidity in the boxes. It is widely used in industries of microorganisms, environmental, food, research institute and so on.
Ethylene Oxide Residuals Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography
GC9802-K Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography has a reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pesticides, medicine and health, commodity inspection, environmental protection, universities and other production and scientific research departments. It can be used to detect ethylene oxide and other organic solvents. Detects purity or content of a single solvent
Pendulum Impact Tester Pendulum Impact Tester High Impact Speed Scale Value GBD-B
GBD-B Pendulum Impact Tester test the impact resistance of various films, metallic foil and so on, widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratory, scientific research, teaching, inspection agency and so on.
Compression Resistance Tester Compression Tester for Bag Packaging GBN200Z
The pressure resistance tester GBN200Z is a precision equipment developed and manufactured by GBPI R&D team based on the requirements of GB and other standards and market demand, which is professionally used to test the pressure resistance performance and burst strength of various packaging bags. It is used in quality inspection, drug testing, scientific research, packaging, film, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.
gas generator High purity nitrogen hydrogen and air gas generator for gas chromatography
gas generator can generates high purity nitrogen, hydrogen and air; it can supply stable and high quality gas for Gas Chromatography
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