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Y310 2.0 Gas Analysis Equipment Oxygen Permeability Analyzer

This product is based on the test principle of the Coulomb oxygen analysis sensor and is designed and manufactured with reference to the ASTM D 3985 standard. It is used to determine the oxygen transmission rate (quantity) of film or sheet materials.

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Apply for:

1) Plastic film, composite film, aluminum foil, aluminized film, etc.;

2) Plastic sheets, plates, rubber, ceramics, etc.;

3) Packaging containers, such as bottles, bags, bowls, etc.;

4) Expand applications, such as solar backplanes, liquid crystal display films, medical patches, etc.

Used in quality inspection, drug inspection, scientific research, packaging, film, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, electronics and other industries.


Accurate and reliable data

     Our company has approved and issued by the "General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China". Gas Permeability Tester "National Standard Material Classification Certificate" and "National Standard Material" Manufacturing Measuring Instruments License (GBW(E)130541/ 2). Use national standard materials to calibrate and verify the instrument to ensure the accuracy, versatility and authority of the test data.

Easy to operate

   Professional software with simple interface, easy to use and flexibly to set test process.

   Fully automatic operation, judge and stop automatically.

   Five sets of curves of temperature, upper cavity pressure, lower cavity pressure, pressure difference change, and penetration are displayed in real time. The curves with conceal function, support query function for background data.

  The OTR is equipped with a color touch screen, no external computer is needed.

   Pneumatic clamps are used for sample placement, which is quick and convenient to operate.

   Professional test report, automatically generate and can be exported in PDF format.

Advanced technology

  Temperature control: Adopting the international advanced electromagnetic program stepping temperature control technology, automatic heating and cooling; high measurement accuracy, accurate to 0.1 ℃.

   Support electronic signature function, online report submission and review.

 High test efficiency

  Each cavity can be tested independently, three identical or different samples can be tested, and three independent test reports can be produced to improve the effective test efficiency.

  The measurement accuracy is up to 0.001 cm3/(m2·24h), and it can measure high-barrier materials such as aluminum foil.

Authority management and data tracking

  The software is designed according to the requirements of the computerized system in the new GMP appendix.

  The user name and password are required to log in to the workstation to ensure that the account and experimental data are safe and effective.

  Users are divided into system administrator, instrument administrator, auditor and operator.

  The system administrator can adjust the permissions of various levels; Such as adding and reducing system control items at a certain level.

  It has audit tracking function (test tracking and log tracking), and each data change is recorded; Ensure the safety and integrity of test data.

 Stable, reliable and easy to maintain

  Imported oxygen sensor with high accuracy and good stability.

  The sensor has an over-range automatic protection function to avoid damage to important sensors when the instrument fails

  Functional modular design, easy to maintain.


ASTM D3985ASTM F2622ASTM F1927ASTM  F1037ISO 15105-2JIS K-7126-BDIN 53380-3

Technical Specification


 Technical Parameters

Testing range

0.051000 cm3/m2·24h

Testing accuracy

0.001 cm3/m2·24h

Testing temperature range


Temperature prcision


Test area

50.24 cm2

Sample size

Φ100 mm

Sample thickness


Number of samples

1~3 pcs

Carrier gas

99.999% nitrogen (provided by the user)

Carrier gas pressure


Carrier gas flow

5~100 mL/min

Pneumatic pressure




Power supply

AC 220V50Hz


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