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GBPI Glass Bottle Internal Pressure Resistance Tester

Glass Bottle Internal Pressure Tester is suitable for the internal pressure test of all kinds of beer bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, infusion bottles, antibiotic vials, etc. instrument meets the requirements of the holding pressure test and explosive pressure test of any size of bottles. The internal pressure test machine for glass bottles is used by breweries, glass bottle manufacturers, testing agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers

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Product Detail

 Technical Features

l One-button operation, simple and convenient. Glass fragment and water collection device is more convenient and safe.

l The equipment has a comprehensive test function. Two test modes of pressurization mode and holding pressure mode meets different testing requirements.

l High test accuracy,wide test range can meet different test requirements.

l Fast test speed. The pressure rise time for each bottle tested is no more than 10 seconds, and it is about 4 seconds for the ordinary test (the end pressure is 1.60Mpa), which improves work efficiency highly.

l High automation. The function of automatic pressure increase, pressure retention, pressure relief and mal-function alarm are all available.

l Equipped with micro printer, which can print the test data, results at the end of the experiment

l Imported key components assured the reliability of test  and greatly increase the service life of the equipment.

 Basic Application

 It is appliedfor the internal pressure test of various glass bottles such as beer bottles, beverage bottles, molded vials, antibiotic bottles, etc.; pressure holding test andexplosive pressure test requirements for various glass bottles such as infusion bottles.

 Test Principle

The pressure generated by the hydraulic pump driven by the servo motor through the equipment is transmitted to the pressure sensor and the glass bottle under test in an equivalent manner through the pipeline. The equipment controller collects the pressure signal from the pressure sensor in real time and controls the servo motor according to the pressure signal value. Drive the hydraulic pump to linearly increase the pressure in the system according to the requirements until it reaches the preset value. During the pressurization or pressure holding process, if the tested sample bottle ruptures, it is unqualified, such as the end of the test After the system automatically releases the pressure, the tested sample bottle is still intact, and it is qualified.

 Test Standards

GB/T 4546-2008、YBB00172003-2015

 Technical Data Sheet



SCK-Y Glass Bottle Internal Pressure Resistance Tester

Pressure Range




Pressure Tol.


Test Number per Min.


Pressure Ramp Tol.


Diameter ofBottleMouthClamp

Ф24~26(Standard for beer bottle, customization is available)

Ambient Temp. Range


Ambient Humidity Range


Instrument Dimension


Power Supply


Net Weight


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