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Product introduction

Fully automatic dual-channel linear type corner-spout sealing machine is professionally used for automatic casing and heat sealing of spouts and bags. It is suitable for spouts of various diameters, lengths and models. As preferred automation equipment for corner spout packaging bags, it is widely use in packaging of Laundry detergent, beverage, oil, edible oil, outdoor folding water,etc. It can be customized to connect to the filling production line.

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Product Detail

Test principle

The plastic spout goes through the hopper and the vibrating deliver tray to the ready position, and is pushed by the plastic spout pushing mechanism to hang on the plastic spout holder and rotate with the rotating disc to the bag processing station. The bag to be processed is put on the bag fixture on the spout after taking the bag and turning it over (located directly above the spout holder). The spout and bag are moved together to the heat sealing station for heat sealing. The spout pouch that has been heat-sealed by the heat sealing blade is pushed by the launching mechanism to the finished bag station. The  unqualified bags are automatically removed with the movement of the turntable to the unqualified bag station.

Technical Parameters


Technical Parameters

Instrument size

5800 mm x 4100 mm x 1800 mm (length*width*height)

Pouches type

Stand-up pouches, 3-side seal bags, gusset bags, shaped bags

Material type

Pouchinner layer PE, inner layer PP

SpoutPE, PP

Product specifications

Pouch length150~350 mm(length),130~250 mm(width), spout sealing length: 60~120 mm

Spout size8.5 mm (regular), 10 mm, 14 mm,16 mm, etc

Working speed

Dual linear: 70 pcs/min, Single linear: 35 pcs/min

Location precision

≤±0.5 mm

Sealing  blades

Total 5 sets: 4 sets of heat seal, 1 set of cooling

Temperature control module

3 sets (8 channel module), Precision ±0.1℃

Heating Temperature



380V/50Hz, 11KW

Gas source

0.6~0.8MPa, 2000L/H


3500 kg


Product features

The equipment adopts a dual-channel linear mode, and the processes such as separate bags, corner cutting, install spout and heat sealing are fully automatic;

 PLC control and intelligent parameter setting, according to different bag types and spout to quickly set parameters, simple operation;

Adopted advanced temperature control module and SMC, Festo, AirTAC and other advantaged pneumatic components, reliable quality;

Adopted step-by-step heating and final cooling design, and the packaging effect is perfect;

 Automatic fault detection, alarm, stop, diagnosis and display of fault location;

The equipment is light in weight, occupies a small area and has stable performance;

The main components are all made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which meets the environmental health requirements of food and drug GMP.

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