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Paper packaging testing solution September 18,2021.

Paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight, foldable, non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free, but it has poor water resistance and poor strength when wet. Paper packaging materials can be divided into packaging paper and paperboard.


General paper can be used for packaging, but in order to make the packaging products reach the required strength index and ensure that the packaged products are intact, all packaging papers should have high strength, low moisture content, low air permeability, no corrosive substances to the packaging products, and have good printing performance. Only papers with these properties can be used for the packaging of various products. In order to meet the needs of different packaging products, base paper is often processed to make packaging paper with various special properties.

GBPI offers paper packaging testing instruments as below:


Required tests

Testing Equipment


The Cardboard Ring Crush Strength test (RCT), The Corrugated Board Edge Crush Strength test (ECT), The Corrugated Board Adhesive Strength test (PAT), The Corrugated Paper Flat Crush Strength test (FCT), corrugated paper flat compression strength test (CMT) and crushing strength test (CCT),

Crush Tester RH-3000


Box Compression Tester,
Compressive strength test, compliance test and stacking strength test

Box Compression Tester RH-KY10


Folding Endurance Test

Folding Endurance Tester RH-MIT135


Bending Stiffness Test

Bending Stiffness Tester RH-T500


Paper Bursting Strength Test

Paper Bursting Strength Tester RH-P1200


Internal Bond Test

RH-T541 Internal Bond Tester


Paper Dirt Test

RH-CH250 Paper Dirt Tester


Smoothness Test

Smoothness Tester RH-BR10K


Softness Tester

Softness Test RH-R1000

ISO5627、T498Su、GB/T8942、 YC/T16、QB/T1060

Paper water absorption test

Paper water absorption tester RH-XS200


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