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Southern Metropolis Daily interviews GBPI November 4,2022.

With the theme of "Guangdong's "High Resilience Enterprise" Breakthrough Road", GBPI President Zhou introduced in detail how GBPI has grown from the early stage of its business to a "little giant" in the packaging and testing industry from the perspective of "making good use of customer thinking".

Looking back on the 20-year entrepreneurial process, Mr. Zhou, general manager of Biaoji, said that the company's development has not been smooth. "In the early days of the business, when we were the most nervous, we had more than 100 employees, but only 150,000 yuan in the account."
In the past three years, as the company's scientific and technological foundation has been continuously consolidated, Mr. Zhou has gone from fully solving the pain points that dragged down the enterprise to seizing the opportunity of industry transformation in advance and carrying out enterprise reform drasticly. From January to September this year, the sales of new products at Biaoji accounted for about 50% of the total sales. New products, new thinking, and new technologies are rejuvenating this technology company that has been engaged in the segmented field for 20 years.
Subsequently, Mr. Zhou explained the breakthrough of GBPI from three perspectives
Build a learning-oriented scientific research team, quickly enter the new track, and deploy all fields
Solve the biggest pain point of enterprise development and penetrate customer thinking into every link
Layout digital laboratory system to realize full digital management of testing instruments

At the end of the interview, Mr. Zhou concluded: "The changes in the external environment are very rapid, profound, and irreversible. If an enterprise cannot keep up with the times, it will soon be eliminated. Digital transformation is the opportunity of this era. I think, This is the most important potential of GBPI's future development. With 20 years of precipitation, I believe GBPI can grasp the future direction more accurately."

GBPI was established in 2002 and is located in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone. It is an enterprise that integrates research and development, production and sales of packaging testing instruments , packaging equipment, modified atmosphere preservation equipment and other products, and provides third-party testing and standard material proficiency verification. Committed to providing comprehensive, professional and high-quality products and technical services for packaging, food, medicine, testing and other industries.

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