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What is WVTR-Water Vapor Transmission Rate January 3,2019.

Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) is of great significance for package quality. With the Water vapor transmission rate testing, effective quality control of food, drug and electronic products, etc. can be guaranteed so as to improve the storage, transportation and shelf life results and prolong shelf life span of the products.

The WVTR measurement is applicable for barrier property evaluation of plastic films, laminated films, sheets, back sheets, high barrier materials, foils, OLED, water-proof membranes and bottles, pouches, jars, boxes made of plastic, rubber, paper, glass and metal, as well as medical devices, etc.

The testing principle of WVTR is as follows: Mount the preconditioned specimen between the testing cells, clamp tightly. Nitrogen with constant humidity flows through one side of specimen, dry nitrogen flows through another side of the specimen. Under the function of humidity difference/grades, water vapor passes through the specimen and enters the lower humid side, and is carried to the sensor by the dry nitrogen. The electrical signals are generated at the sensor when the water vapor enters. Calculate the water vapor transmission rate by analyzing the electrical signals. For package test, dry nitrogen flows in the package, humid nitrogen flows around the outer side of the package.

GBPI supply packaging testing equipment including Water vapor permeability tester(WVTR Tester),Oxygen permeation tester(OTR Tester),Universal Tensile Measurement etc.

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