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Soy Vinegar Packaging Bag Sealing Integrity Test Solution October 21,2021.

In recent years, with the increasing standardization of Soy Vinegar Packaging Bag, the packaging forms of Soy Vinegar bottles are becoming more and more abundant. There are mainly glass Soy Vinegar bottles, plastic Soy Vinegar bottles, disposable plastic Soy Vinegar bags.

    First, the glass Soy Vinegar bottle packaging capacity, but the glass Soy Vinegar bottle is often not very convenient to use, but also relatively bulky, by PETSoy Vinegar bottle, Soy Vinegar bucket, this type of packaging is the main form of packaging in recent years. This type of packaging is easy to open, the appearance of the changeable, quite popular in the market. Finally, there is the disposable plastic Soy Vinegar bag, the price cost is low, the user experience is not very good if used. Because Soy Vinegar Packaging Bag sealing strength is not enough will be in the process of transportation and storage of packaging leakage, broken, easy to cause soy sauce mold, taste deterioration and other quality problems, so in the shelf life must ensure that the product sealing performance is good, in order to reduce the larger risks and economic losses suffered by enterprises due to packaging sealing problems.

    GBPI instrument consultants are now using the GB-M Leakage tester to test the overall sealing performance of the Soy Vinegar Packaging Bag.To help food manufacturers effectively solve quality problems such as product leakage and spoilage.

Inspection steps:

    Turn on the instrument and immerse the specimen in the water of the vacuum chamber

    Close the sealing lid, set the vacuum pressure, determine the actual pressure and time required

    Turn on the vacuum pump and start vacuuming, press the start button on the equipment, the test starts

    After the vacuum reaches the set value, start timing, at this time, observe whether there are continuous bubbles generated between the porous pressure plate and the water surface in the tank, if there are, it means that the tested item is leaking.

Experimental results: 

 5 Soy Vinegar Packaging Bag finished bags sealing performance test results are: -100 KPa are not leaking.


  Leakage Tester

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