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About the importance and significance of packaging material barrier performance testing December 14,2020.

    With the continuous occurrence of food and drug safety incidents in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to food and drug safety issues. In the actual life process, the waste caused by the corruption of food and medicine due to the failure of the plastic packaging to play a good protective role also accounts for a large proportion. At the same time, food poisoning and medical incidents caused by the use of expired foods and drugs are also common in newspapers and news. In addition to the artificial counterfeit and inferior products, the failure of the barrier protection of packaging materials is also related.

    Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. believes that with the rapid development of my country’s plastic packaging market, coupled with the excellent processing performance and low price of plastics, it has become more and more used in the packaging field. The barrier properties of packaging materials Also getting more and more attention.

    The barrier performance of plastic packaging refers to the packaging materials, such as packaging film, paper, and plastic bottles, to which specific penetration objects penetrate from one side (usually the high concentration side) to the other side (usually the low concentration side). Barrier ability. The permeation objects are mostly oxygen, water vapor, air, organic gases, etc., so they are also called oxygen barrier properties , moisture barrier properties, and gas barrier properties.  About packaging material barrier performace testing ,Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional oxygen barrier and permeation properties tester manufacturer and exporter . Barrier performance is an assessment of the permeability of a packaging material with respect to a certain penetration object. It is an important indicator for considering packaging materials, and it is also a basic function that packaging materials must have, especially the barrier properties of packaging materials such as food and medicine. More demanding, this kind of packaging material needs to have high barrier properties to prevent the infiltration of oxygen, water vapor, microorganisms, acid-base corrosive solvents and other substances, and at the same time have the characteristics of anti-fouling and moisture-proof, maintain the internal environment of the packaging stable and protect Contents, thereby extending the shelf life and shelf life of contents such as food and medicine.

    Therefore, it is particularly important to study the barrier properties of packaging materials such as food and medicine, and then to select suitable packaging materials. Research on the barrier properties of packaging materials such as food and drugs usually requires testing their permeability to obtain various barrier performance parameters.

    Polyester reference Material

 GBPI Standard Reference Materials

    Therefore, regarding the barrier performance testing of packaging materials , we should look at it from the perspective of the barrier performance testing of food and drug packaging materials by reference materials.

    The first is to evaluate and verify the application of new methods. At present, standard samples are widely used in the world to evaluate the accuracy and precision of new technologies and methods, because this evaluation method is more convenient and reliable. To develop or revise an analytical method requires one or more samples with good characteristics to evaluate the performance characteristics of the method. At this time, it is obviously the most appropriate to choose a suitable standard sample.

Secondly, in the application of quality management in testing and analysis laboratories. Standard sample analysis laboratory is a powerful tool for quality management. In the process of detection and analysis, the determination of appropriate standard samples is a practical method to ensure the quality of laboratory test data.

    Furthermore, the application in laboratory proficiency testing. Through the detection of standard samples, both the personal ability of the personnel engaged in monitoring and analysis can be verified, and the detection ability of the laboratory can also be verified. The use of standard samples for proficiency testing has been widely used in laboratory accreditation, measurement certification, and related supervision and review work.

The key is the application in instrument calibration and testing. Since most modern instrumental analysis methods are based on the analysis principle of relative measurement, it is generally necessary to use standard samples for calibration. It has also become a consensus to use standard samples to test the analytical characteristics of measuring instruments, such as linearity, reproducibility, and stability.

    In recent years, in actual testing and data comparison, there are often inconsistencies between test results from different laboratories. If, while analyzing the disputed samples, the standard samples with similar matrix are tested, and the analysis data of the disputed samples are determined based on the analysis results of the standard samples, the dispute can be resolved more easily, because the value of the national standard sample is Fully identified and beyond doubt.

    In summary, in the field of food and drug packaging in my country, relevant companies and technical personnel have a vague understanding of the barrier performance testing methods of packaging materials , especially for the selection of testing methods, which is relatively random. About the importance and significance of packaging material barrier performance testing .

    Therefore, it is recommended that enterprises and related testing institutions further standardize the testing methods for the barrier properties of packaging materials.

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