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ASTM D3985--Oxygen Permeation of Flexible Barrier Materials Using a Coulometric Sensor August 13,2019.

Oxygen transmission rate, also named “OTR,” is the steady state rate at which oxygen gas can pass through a film.   OTR is expressed as a volume of oxygen that penetrates a given area in a one-day period; cc/m2/24hr…or…cc/100 in2/24hr, measured at a standard temperature and 0% relative humidity (RH).Nowadays there are many different OTR Testing standards in the market, below we introduce ASTM D3985

ASTM D3985 Test Principle:

At a selected temperature and humidity, a barrier film is sealed between a chamber containing oxygen and a chamber void of oxygen. A coulometric sensor measures the oxygen that is transmitted through the material.

Oxygen Transmission Rate Applications:

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of flexible barrier materials used in packaging or industrial applications, especially flexible packaging barrier films.

Our Y110 Oxygen Permeability Tester confirms to ASTM D3985 Testing Standard, it is very popular between home and abroad customers, it help them test their materials with high precisions and accuracy, greatly help them measure their barrier materials oxygen transmission rate. Below introduce technical specifications of Y110 OTR Tester.

ASTM D3985 Oxygen Permeability tester

Y110 Oxygen Permeability Analyzer Specification

Test range:  0.02~16500 cm3/m2•24h(Film)With mask can be260000 cm3/m2•24h

Test Accuracy:  0.001 cm3/m2•24h

Temperature range:  15~45℃

Temperature accuracy:  ±0.1℃

Humidity range: 30~90%RH,100%RH

Humidity accuracy:  ±1%RH

Test area: 50.24 cm2(minimum 0.785 cm2 optional)

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