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Flexible Package & Food Health. November 6,2020.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers are gradually becoming more concerned about food safety. Food packaging is an important part of food processing. With the continuous progress and development of today's science and technology, the types of food packaging materials are becoming increasingly diverse. At the same time, food safety accidents caused by packaging materials have emerged one after another, forcing people to pay attention to the safety of food packaging materials.

Food packaging is of great significance to food safety.Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd providesthe most comprehensive one-stop packaging material testing solutionforthefoodflexiblepackageIntermsofheatsealing,leaktightness, tensile strength, resistance Puncture and barrier properties.

Common qualityissueof food packaging materials

1)The phenomenon of deflated milk powder packaging

Reason analysis:packaging materials

Poor barrier properties---the gas inside the package has a relatively high amount of gas permeating the packaging material, that is, the gas permeation is large and the barrier properties are poor, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen inside.

Poor resistance to rubbing---After rubbing with external force, the packaging bag has defects such as creases and pinholes, resulting in poor barrier properties.


GBPI-N500 gas permeability analyzer,Thismachineis to test the gas (O2, N2, CO2 etc) transmission rate (GTR) of packaging materials, films and sheets materials.

gas permeability analyzer

2)Nut product packaging is prone to breakage on the surface of the bag

Poor puncture resistance---Some nut products have a sharper shell, which will produce a certain puncture force on the packaging bag. If the puncture resistance of the package is poor, the bag will easily break. It can be verified by testing two indicators of puncture resistance and sealing performance (negative pressure method).

Poor oil resistance---Some nut products have high oil content. If the packaging material has poor oil resistance, long-term contact with oil components will easily lead to reduced flexibility and puncture resistance, and the problem of bag breakage is likely to occur. For example, the tensile strength and elongation at break between the packed melon seed kernel packaging bag and the unpackaged melon seed kernel packaging bag (the two indexes are tested by tensile, elongation and elastic modulus test) are quite different.

Poor flexibility---If the packaging bag has poor flexibility and high brittleness, it is easy to break the bag under the impact of internal nuts or external impact. It can be verified by testing two indexes of tensile strength, elongation, elastic modulus, and pendulum impact energy.

Testing Solution:

GBPI - GBL-H Tensile Tester,To test the tensile strength, peeling strength, heat sealing strength and tearing strength of plastic film, composite film, tape, soft packaging material

Tensile Tester

3)Layering of seasoning composite film packaging

Reason analysis: packaging materials

Adhesives and inks are of poor quality---If the adhesives used as the composite film of the packaging bag and the inks used in the external printing of the packaging are of poor quality and are not resistant to high temperature or grease, they will be sterilized or exposed to high temperatures When seasoning oils and fats, it is easy to cause the bonding effect (ie composite fastness) of the single-layer films of the composite film to decrease, and the composite film is prone to delamination.

Poor composite fastness---Because the coating amount of the adhesive is too low or too thick, as well as uneven coating and other factors, the composite film has poor composite fastness between each layer of the film, and delamination is easy to occur.

Testing solution:

GBPI-Adhesive Tape Disk-peeling Tester- GX-B2, This machine is used to test the To test the ink layer bonding strength of printed (intaglio) plastic film, composite film, cellophane and so on

Adhesive Tape Disk-peeling Tester

4)Instant coffee packaging leaks

Reason analysis:packaging materials

Poor heat-sealing performance---In the packaging process of convenient food preparation, there are often fine particles sticking to the heat-sealing part. If the film material used as the heat-sealing layer of the packaging bag is not selected properly, the heat-sealing part containing the fine particles will be hot The sealing strength is easy to decrease, the sealing performance becomes poor, and the phenomenon of air leakage or powder leakage is easy to occur when being squeezed by external force or prolonged with storage time. The heat-sealing strength of finished packaging bags and empty packaging bags without contents can be tested for comparison and verification.

Testing solution:

GBPI-GB-M LeakageTester,Thismachineisusedto test the hermetic sealing quality and performance of packaging bags, bottles, cans and so on.

GBPI Leakage Tester

For the food production process, packaging is the essential barrier between food and the outside surroundings , If there is a problem with its quality, we cannot ensure the safety of food . flexible package is quite important for the food. Let us take action to protect the food safety, Protect our health.

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