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GBPI CNAS Testing Lab November 23,2020.

Are you still worried about the lack of budget to buy testing instruments?

GBPI can help you with that. Our CNAS laboratory can provide you with a set of quality testing services.

What is CNAS?

The National Accreditation Committee of China (CNAS) is an accreditation body approved and established by the National Accreditation and Accreditation Regulatory Commission (CNCA) in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Accreditation and Accreditation, to uniformly implement the accreditation work accreditation bodies, laboratories and inspection bodies.

CNAS certificate is a guarantee of reliable and accuracy of our testing result. It is internationally accepted.


With the improvement of people's living standard, the majority of consumers have higher requirements for the quality of food, clothing, housing and transportation supplies, especially food, beverage, medicine, automobile and other products. Because its product quality is closely related to people's lives, it has become the focus of attention of many enterprises and consumers. Among them, material quality control is an important aspect of product quality. In order to give material suppliers a clear understanding of their product quality, Guangzhou International provides sample testing business to the community.

We GBPI have a CNAS accredited packaging testing lab providing packaging testing services of water vapor, oxygen and other gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide permeation testing especially for high barrier films used in food or pharmaceutical, electronic components packaging industries.

Pictures of our CNAS Accredited Packaging Materials Testing Lab

moisture permeability tester

Scope of detection

1.1 Film and paper barrier tests

1.1.1 various film, paper O2、N2、CO2、air inorganic gas transmittance detection.

1.1.2 all kinds of film, paper water vapor transmittance detection.

1.1.3 air permeability testing

Various leather, artificial leather, non-woven fabric, textile cloth, heat insulation film, battery diaphragm, etc.

1.1.4 moisture permeability

Leather, artificial leather, non-woven fabric, textile cloth, etc.

1.2 Physical properties of various films and papers:

such as tensile strength, tensile strength, thermal strength, peeling strength, tear resistance, thickness, etc

common test materials: PE、LDPE、HDPE、PP、BOPP、CPP、PET、PA、EVOH、EVAL、PVC、PVDC、AL、KOP、KPET、KPA、KMF、PET aluminum plating, CPP aluminum plating, extinction BOPP、PA/AL/CPP、PA/PU、PET/AL/PA、PE/AL/PET、five-layer co-extrusion film, seven-layer co-extrusion film on.

1.3 Testing of oxygen and water resistance in various finished container bottles and film bags:

Common testing products are: beer bottles, cola bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles and so on.

1.4 Barrier testing of building materials, back panels, etc

1.5 Solvent residue and purity analysis for packaging and raw materials of various materials

Certificate of CNAS for Qualification Approval

air permeability testing

We welcome you to visit and study, and are very happy to provide satisfactory service to our customers.

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