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Efficient purification & Fresh Air November 26,2020.

Everyone knows that the air contains many gas molecules that are harmful to the human body. Dust, spores, and pollen can bring fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The two main ways the virus spreads during the epidemic are air and contact. For key areas where people gather, such as food markets, supermarkets, hospitals, subway stations, and other large spaces, where people come and go, the virus concentration is easily maintained at a high level. It is indeed necessary to perform regular disinfection to reduce the risk of infection/transmission. Experts say "We now know that disinfecting the air is a key step in reducing the spread of airborne viruses like Covid-19."

To protect your working environment from deadly viruses and bacteria! Using GBPI Atomizing Humidification And Disinfection Equipment , you can perform a wide range of disinfection, avoid deadly viruses and avoid infection, and keep your home and workplace clean!

Strongly require regular air disinfection in the following places

Hospitals, the current epidemic has entered a critical stage. The emergency rooms, outpatient rooms, and wards of hospitals are still important places for the cross-spread of various bacteria and viruses, and the air pollution situation is more serious than other public places.

Nursing homes: Nursing homes have high population density, long indoor airtight time, high total number of colonies, high concentration of volatile organic compounds, serious ammonia pollution and other characteristics of the air environment. In addition, as the elderly grow older, their body’s preventive ability and antibacterial properties The ability of the virus to decline, especially the ability to resist volatile organic compounds will be worse. It is a susceptible group and needs to be strictly prevented.

Enterprise buildings: Enterprises have begun to resume work, and before central air conditioning is used in a closed environment, disinfection equipment is needed to disinfect a large area of air, which can make the air in office buildings safer. This is for employers to reduce risks and keep people in elevators and offices. A way to be more comfortable at work. "Air disinfection can also alleviate airborne transmission and other virus outbreaks (such as the flu and the common cold), thereby helping to reduce employee sick leave time.

For people with weak immune systems such as the elderly and children entering densely crowded spaces,GBPI mask testing consultants recommend: Use masks that pass the mask test as much as possible! For more inquiries about laboratory testing equipment , please follow GBPI

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