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packaging testing equipment Water Vapor Permeation Tester
  • Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester
    GBN701 Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester

    GBN701 Face Mask Air Flow Resistance and Differential Pressure Tester


    Used for face mask air flow resistance and differential pressure testing to check breathability and can also be used to check differential pressure of textile materials gas exchanger.


    The output of the air flow is set by a gas flow meter, the air flow passes through a certain area of the test sample, the current pressure is detected by a pressure sensor, and the pressure difference is calculated.


    YY0469-2011, YY0969-2013


    l  Equipped with special sample grip, easy to use.

    l  Built-in HD touch screen.

    l  Built-in micro printer, easy to print test results.

    l  Equipped with high-precision differential pressure sensor, digitally display the pressure difference between the two sides of the sample;

    l  Equipped with high-precision gas flow control, real-time digital display of air flow to stably control air flow, manually setting available.

    l  Test time can be adjusted according to test requirements



    Technical Parameters

    Gas Source

    Compressed Air

    Air Flow

    Adjustable 1 - 10L/min,

    (Standard Air Flow 8L/min)

    Sample Size


    Differential Pressure Sensor Range


    Display Mode

    Touch Screen

    Power Supply

    220V, 50Hz

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  • mask test
    GBH-3 Multifunctional Tensile Tester for Face Mask

    To test the tensile strength, peeling strength, heat sealing strength, tearing strength, piercing strength of plastic film, composite film, tape, soft packaging material, rubber sheets, paper, non-woven fabrics and other packaging materials

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  • synthetic blood penetration tester
    Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester


    GB-BF20010 Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester is suitable for the resistance of masks to the penetration of synthetic blood under different levels of test pressure.


    The mask material was tested with synthetic blood under continuous applied pressure, and the penetration of synthetic blood on the material was visually checked.



    GB 19083-2010



    Technical Parameters

    Pressure point

    3kpa5kpa 7kpa14kpa 20kpa

    Sample size

    75mm × 75mm, pressure area: 28.27 square centimeters

    Power supply




    1. The instrument uses a gas source that can provide (20 ± 1) kPa pressure to continuously pressurize the sample without being limited by the space of the test site.

    2. The instrument has a pressure gauge to display the pressure, the pressure can be adjusted.

    3. Use pressurized medium: compressed air.

    4. The special stainless steel penetrating test slot ensures that the sample is firmly clamped, and the synthetic blood is prevented from splashing around.

    5. Square metal barrier net: open space 50%; bending 5mm at 20kPa.

    6. Digital display timer, accuracy ± 1 second.

    7. The instrument has a clamp that can generate 13.5Nm torque.

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  • GC9802-K Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography
    Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography

    GC9802-K Face Mask Ethylene Oxide (EO) Residuals Testing Gas Chromatography has a reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, pesticides, medicine and health, commodity inspection, environmental protection, universities and other production and scientific research departments. It can be used to detect ethylene oxide and other organic solvents. Detects purity or content of a single solvent

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  •  Face Mask Particulate Filtration Efficiency Tester
    GB-KF30010 Face Mask Particulate Filtration Efficiency Tester

    GB-KF30010 Face Mask Particulate Filtration Efficiency Tester  


    It is to test the filtering efficiency of particulate protective masks and medical masks and to determine the resistance of ordinary fabrics and medical protective masks to the constant flow of airflow.


    GB/T 32610-2016、GB 2626-2006、GB19082-2009、GB 19083-2010
    GB 24539-2009 、YY 0469-2011 、YYT0969-2013




    Test range


    Flowmeter range


    Sampling frequency


    Particle concentration


    Counting median diameter

    Salt particles0.075±0.02μmOil particles0.185±0.02μm

    Geometric standard deviation of particle size distribution

    Salt particles≤1.86Oil particles≤1.60

    Dynamic detection range

    0.001-100 mg/m3accuracy1%



    Power supply

    AC 220V50Hz

    Differential pressure sensor range



    l  Using a cold aerosol generator to produce continuous and stable aerosol particles, convenient for filling the solution.

    l  Measurement of aerosol concentration using a high-precision PM2.5 sensor.
    Anti-leakage design of whole particles to protect the safety of laboratory personnel.
    2 sets of Aerosol generator:Salty aerosol generator and oily aerosol generator.

    l  Equipped with aerosol particle neutralization device.

    l  The pneumatic clamp is equipped with a protection device, which is safe and convenient to use.

    l  Configure temperature and humidity sensor, real-time display of ambient temperature and humidity(Temperature and humidity requirements:25℃±5℃,30%RH±10%RH)。
    Equipped with glass rotor flowmeter, vacuum pump, laser dust particle counter.

    l  Control system: The computer controls the test process, automatically collects data, and configures a special computer and test software.
    The computer automatically tests the gas concentration and calculates the filtration efficiency. It can save, output, query and print the test data.

    Our Company

    Our certificate

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  • facial mask tester
    GB-ZR10 Facial Mask Flame Retardant Tester


    GB-ZR10 is mainly used to test the combustion performance of a mask after it contacts the flame at a certain linear speed. It is a special test instrument for the flame retardancy of a mask.

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  • Mobile Atomizing Humidification And Disinfection Equipment
    GB-D100 Mobile Atomizing Humidification And Disinfection Equipment

    For disinfection of large spaces. Removable aerosol disinfection and sterilization equipment, manual and automatic control, timing and quantitative spraying, adjustable spray volume Suitable for hospitals, campuses, stations, airports, and other large public places.

    Under the action of compressed air, the medicinal solution is spouted from the nozzle to form aerosol ions of 2 to 10 μm, which quickly and fully integrates in the ambient air; kills pathogenic microorganisms in the air, and realizes a full range of dead space-free disinfection of the environmental space. Sterile environment. The sterilized objects will not form dew condensation and form droplets.

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  • 1
    GB-XF1000 Mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Detector

    It is used to test the percentage of materials containing bacteria suspended particles at the specified flow rate.

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  • Professional Disposable medical mask respiratory resistance tester supplier
    Disposable medical mask respiratory resistance tester


    The respiratory resistance tester is suitable for determining the inhalation resistance and exhalation resistance under the regulations of respirators and masks, and for the related testing and inspection of ordinary mask products by the national labor protection equipment inspection agency manufacturer.


    GB2626-2006, GB / T32610-2016

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