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How to better understand and use the Coefficient of Friction Tester March 7,2019.

Brief introduction: COF(Coefficient of Friction Tester) is for testing the Static Coefficient of Friction & Kinetic Coefficient of Friction.

Where it use:  Flexible Package Industry,  Foil films industry, Food&Package inspection institute,  Higher education laboratory.

What material it test: Plastic films, Aluminum foil, Rubber, Paper, Fabric,PP woven bag,etc

What standards it follow:

ASTM 1894:  Standard Test Method for Static and Kinetic Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting

ISO 8295:  Coefficient of static friction of corrugated and solid fiberboard

TAPPI 816:  Plastics film and sheeting determination of the coefficients of friction

What GBPI do:

GM-1 Coefficient of friction tester :  Display over 10 years in the market,independently test without computer

GM-4 COF Analyzer :  New innovate in recent 3 years, Touch screen display and print out test report.

coefficient of friction tester

What GBPI Guaranty:

1.  One year software&hardware warranty

2.  CNAS laboratory and Standard film (Highest level tech in China)

3.  Free training & whole life after-sales service support

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