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Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer Infrared method March 14,2019.

High barrier film is a premium product with features such as:

Moisture Barrier Film - this type of packaging is ideal for extreme protection from moisture. Moisture barrier films can be customized with layers of specialized film to keep moisture from compromising your products. Ensure that food products and other powdered goods stay dry with moisture blocking protection of high barrier films.

Oxygen Barrier Film – protect your products from oxygen transmission with the airtight security of film enforced with a special coating designed to prevent oxygen permeation.  Oxygen barrier film is designed to maintain your products flavor, scent and color.

Clear High Barrier (CHB) Flexible Packaging – Clear high barrier film boasts exceptional air and moisture barrier assets and a attractive transparency that highlights the look your product. Clear high barrier packaging has all these benefits while being a more cost-effective alternative to foil packaging.

Some of the most common applications for high barrier films include:

Food packaging – If maintaining freshness is a priority for your goods, then high moisture barrier film is the perfect solution to extend shelf life and deliver a high quality product to your customers. Common markets for high barrier food packaging include dry soup mixes, nutritional supplements, baking mixes and individual sized condiment packages.

Cosmetics packaging – Cosmetic products require high barrier film to maintain effectiveness and ensure optimal shelf life. If you’re looking to package cosmetics, a premium barrier film is the ideal packaging type. Cosmetic goods that are commonly packaged in this type of film include lotions, eye creams, skin care products, acne treatments, shaving gels, sunscreen and more.

Below we mainly introduce high precision infrared sensor water vapor permeability tester for barrier film water vapor transmission rate testing.

1- WVTR Infrared method

Infrared method has a large measuring range, full-scale linearity, and the sensor will not be wear out if it is not use for a long time. Infrared sensor testing method can instantly respond to the changes in humidity, and the detection speed is fast.

2- Why Infrared method be the Arbitration method

According to GB/T 26253-2010,the infrared sensor method is applicable to the measure of the water vapor transmission rate of plastic films, multi-layer composite films containing plastics, sheets and the like. The national pharmaceutical packaging material standard YBB00092003-2015 specifies the method for detecting the water vapor transmission rate of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and specifies the infrared sensor method as the arbitration method.

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