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How to observe the heat seal test of flexible packaging film? April 22,2021.

In the field of flexible packaging, the heat sealing process of the film plays an important role. It not only affects the formula structure of the film product, but also affects the production process before and after production. Generally speaking, there are several important factors that affect heat sealing. Heat sealing temperature, heat sealing strength, and heat sealing layer thickness are related to each other. Heat sealing temperature affects heat sealing strength. The thickness of the heat sealing film in the heat sealing layer affects the heat sealing The effect plays an important role.

Heat-sealing performance is the most important performance of plastic packaging films. The GBB-A1 electronic heat sealing tester can accurately determine the suitable heat sealing temperature range, heat sealing speed, heat sealing pressure, etc. of plastic film substrates, flexible packaging composite films, coated paper, aluminum foil and other heat sealing compounds.

Heat-sealability test of film:

(1) The heat-seal strength index of the heat-sealable BOPP film in GB/T10003-2008 is 2.0N/15mm.

The test method is as follows: uniformly cut 5 specimens in the width direction of the film roll, the specimen width is (15±0.1) mm and the length is 150 mm. During the test, fold the sample in half and place the two aligned on the welding surface of the heat sealing machine for heat sealing. The heat-sealing conditions are temperature 135°C, time 18, pressure 1.810°Pa, aluminum-gold-gold straightly place the sample with the heat-sealed part as the center line, and clamp the two ends of the sample on the two clamps of the testing machine. The longitudinal axis of the sample should coincide with the center line of the upper and lower grips, and should be tight enough to prevent the sample from slipping and breaking in the grips. The distance between the clamps is 100mm, the test speed of the tensile machine is (100±10)mm/min, and the maximum load when the sample breaks at the heat seal is read. If the sample does not break at the heat-sealed place, this sample is invalid, and another sample is taken to make a replacement. The result is the arithmetic average of 5 samples, expressed in N/15mm.

(2) The heat-sealing strength index of B/T000-2008 heat-sealing pearlescent film is 1.8N/15mm, the heat-sealing condition is 130140, the time is 1, the pressure is 0.18MPa, and the stretching speed is (100± 20)m/min.

(3) The heat-sealing strength index of CB/T19787-2008 packaging material polyolefin heat-shrinkable film is 9.0N/15mm.

The test method is as follows: the longitudinal and transverse samples are heat-sealed. The heat-sealing conditions are temperature (140±5), pressure 0.18MPa, and time 19. According to QB/T2358 standard, the heat-sealing strength test adopts long strip specimens. The specimen width is (15±0m, and the tensile speed is (25050). )mm/min. The results are averaged and one decimal place is reserved.

(4) Heat-sealability testing of PE and PP inner-layer heat-sealable materials.

According to the customer's requirements, we will put forward requirements for the initial heat sealing temperature of the purchased inner materials PE and P, which are commonly referred to as low temperature heat sealing materials. The heat-sealability test of the inner layer material can be performed by increasing the heat-sealing temperature step by step (for example, an increase of 3each time) for heat-sealing and using a tensile machine to test the heat-sealing strength at different heat-sealing temperatures, according to the change of the heat-sealing strength Determine the starting temperature of the material, and directly observe the relationship curve between the heat-sealing temperature and the heat-sealing strength if necessary. For more flexible packaging material testing equipment , please contact us directly.

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