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Migration testing on Food Contact Materials August 7,2019.

As we all know that Food packaging can be a source of chemical food contaminants. The transfer of chemical contaminants from food contact materials into food is called migration.

Within the area of food contact materials, migration limits have been set for many substances based on the toxicological risk assessment of these substances. These limits are included in Food Contact regulations with the aim to control the exposure to these substances to protect our health.So how can you measure your food packaging material chemicals migration to your food?

Food Contact Materials migration testing involves overall and specific migration testing on food packaging, kitchen utensils & food processing films

Overall migration

The Overall Migration limit (OML) applies to the sum of all substances that can migrate from the food contact material to the food (or food simulant). The overall migration limit is a measure for the inertness of the material.

Specific migration

what kind of testing standard requires for overall migration testing and specific migration test?Migration test should be comply to international testing standard.

The (EU) No. 10/2011 d introduces separate rules for testing conditions for OML and SML testing.

The analytical and technical description of migration tests are established in the following EN standards:

• Several parts of the EN1186 standards describe the testing procedure for overall migration testing.

• Several parts of the EN13130 standards describe the general testing procedure for specific migration testing including the analytical measurement of about 26 substances.

GBPI can support you cost-efficient migration testing program for many food contact articles and materials ,including a wide range of food packaging material testing and analytical techniques gas chromatography, overall migration tester.please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and expectations with our experts, in regard to Food Contact Materials.

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