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Packaging quality assurance program for instant noodle production January 4,2022.

Instant noodles, also known as fast food noodles, bubble noodles, cup noodles, quick cooked noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles. In our daily life, this fast food is everywhere, how big his market is, how fierce the competition is. In today's comprehensive upgrade of the consumer structure, consumer demand is not only limited to the "taste", but also to the food safety factor.

Water vapor barrier testing of instant noodle packaging

Water vapor permeability is the most important issue facing instant noodle packaging. GBPI independently developed W413 water vapor permeability tester, which is manufactured with reference to the standard test method for determining water vapor permeability of plastic films and sheets by using ASTM F1249 standard infrared sensor, with a measurement accuracy of 0.001g/m²-24h, is suitable for testing the water vapor permeability of various plastic films, composite films, aluminum foils, aluminized films, etc. Water gas permeability testing of packaging materials, the instrument is equipped with professional software support, better touch operation interactivity, and can conduct experiments independently.

Instant noodle packaging gas permeability testing

GBPI's N530 gas permeability tester, implementing the standard ASTM D1434 - Standard Test Method for Determining the Gas Permeability of Plastic Films and Sheets, is used to determine the gas (oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen, etc.) permeability test of films or sheets. The instrument is fully automatic operation, one key test, automatic judgment, automatic stop, using a three-chamber design, which can be independently tested test test, effectively shorten the testing cycle.

water vapor permeability tester

Packaging material barrier performance testing is an important indicator of the safety of instant noodle packaging, if the packaging oxygen permeability, moisture permeability is poor, instant noodles are very easy to oxidation and deterioration, resulting in fatty acids, resulting in acidity exceeds the standard, especially in the factory after the storage, transportation and other processes easily exposed, lightly caused by poor product flavor, serious will lead to product spoilage and corruption and other quality problems, seriously affecting food safety, food enterprises should strengthen the Food enterprises should strengthen the testing of the barrier performance of packaging materials.

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