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Testing of the moisture-proof performance of the packaging of granular Sachets medicines July 14,2021.

Granule drugs are more sensitive to external water vapor, and the packaging is required to have high moisture resistance. The inspection of packaging is an indispensable production link. Now we will test the moisture-proof performance of the soft plastic packaging of the medicine. The testing equipment is a water vapor transmission rate tester, and the test process and the analysis of the test principle will be displayed, so as to provide a reference for the company's flexible plastic packaging testing. direction. Cut 3 specimens with a diameter of 74 mm from the surface of the sample

Experiment Procedure

Clamp the sample pieces in the three moisture-permeable cups, and then put them on the moisture-permeable cup holders inside the equipment, and close the test chamber door.

Set the test temperature, humidity, sample thickness and other parameter information in the special software system of the equipment configuration, and click the test option to start the test.

The equipment automatically calculates the water vapor transmission rate of the sample based on the monitoring results.

Reference Method Standards

The standard referred to in this article is GB 1037-1988 "Test Method for Water Vapor Permeability of Plastic Films and Sheets-Cup Method"

GB/T 16928-1997 "Test methods for packaging materials moisture permeability"

GB/T 21529-2008 "Determination of Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Plastic Films and Sheets-Electrolytic Sensor Method"

GB/T 30412-2013 "Determination of Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Plastic Films and Sheets Humidity Sensor Method" (Released, implemented on December 1, 2014)

GB/T 26253-2010 "Determination of Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Plastic Films and Sheets-Infrared Detector Method"

ASTM E96、GB/T 1037、GB/T 16928-1997、ASTM D1653、ISO 2528、TAPPIT464、DIN 53122-1、YBB00092003-2015

Test Results

The water vapor transmission rates of the three samples of the plastic composite film samples of a certain brand of cold particle packaging tested in this paper were 1.095 g/m2·24h, 0.918 g/m2·24h, and 0.961 g/m2·24h, respectively.  The  water vapor transmission rate tester is developed by the principle of weighing method. During the test, the sample is clamped in a moisture-permeable cup. A certain humidity difference is formed on both sides of the sample. Water vapor will penetrate through the sample from the high-humidity side to the low-humidity side under the action of the humidity difference. The weight of the wet cup is measured over time, and the water vapor transmission rate and other parameters of the sample can be obtained.

permeability testing machineSignificance Of Detection

The most notable characteristics of granular drugs when they deteriorate are sticky, agglomerated, moldy, and smelly, etc. The occurrence of these problems is related to the increase of water content in the drug. Granule drugs have low water content, large surface area, and strong water absorption. If they are not stored properly, the above-mentioned deterioration will occur. Therefore, improving the storage environment of granular medicines and reducing the humidity of the storage environment is an effective way to prevent the deterioration of the medicines and extend the shelf life. This requires the packaging materials of granular medicines to have a low water vapor transmission rate, moisture resistance, and good moisture resistance . GBPI TESTER provides you with testing equipment for barrier performance equipment testing, heat sealing strength testing equipment , tensile performance testing and other medical flexible packaging testing equipment .     If you need to know more about laboratory testing equipment, you can check

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