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What are the cosmetic packaging testing items? May 31,2021.
    As today's fashionable consumer products, cosmetics not only need exquisite packaging, but also need to protect the products during transportation or shelf life. The inspection items and inspection methods are summarized in order to help cosmetic manufacturers and cosmetics packaging suppliers in packaging inspection and quality control.
    1. Cosmetics transportation packaging inspection. Cosmetics need to have good transportation packaging after transportation and shelf display to reach consumers in good condition. At present, the transportation and packaging of cosmetics are mainly corrugated boxes, and the main testing indicators are the compressive strength and stacking test of the cartons.
    1. 1 Carton compressive strength tester : During the test, place the corrugated carton between the two pressure plates of the GBN2000Z carton compression tester, set the   compression speed, and start the test until the pressure when the carton collapses is the carton compressive strength. KN said. When testing the compressive strength of the carton, be sure to set the pre-compression value (generally 220N) in accordance with the testing standard before testing.

    2.1 Carton stacking test: The cartons need to be stacked during storage and transportation. The cartons on the lowest layer have to withstand the pressure of multiple cartons on the top. In order not to collapse, they must have appropriate compressive strength after stacking. Therefore, it is very important to carry out double inspection of stacking and maximum pressure.

Carton compressive strength tester

    2. Barrier performance testing of cosmetic packaging The barrier performance of packaging is one of the important testing items for cosmetic packaging. Barrier property refers to the barrier effect of packaging materials on permeates such as gas and liquid. Barrier property is an important factor affecting the quality of products during the shelf life. Unsaturated bonds in cosmetic ingredients are easy to cause rancidity due to oxidation, and the loss of moisture can easily dry and harden the cosmetics. At the same time, the maintenance of the fragrance in the cosmetics also plays a vital role in the sales of cosmetics. Barrier performance testing includes testing of the permeability of cosmetic packaging to oxygen, water vapor, and aromatic gases.
    2.1 packaging films oxygen permeability tester. This indicator is mainly for the detection of oxygen transmission rate of films, composite films and cosmetic packaging bags or bottles used in cosmetic packaging. Clamp the pre-processed sample between the test chambers. Oxygen or air flows on one side of the membrane, high-purity nitrogen flows on the other side of the membrane, and oxygen molecules diffuse through the membrane to the high-purity nitrogen on the other side. In the process, the flowing nitrogen is carried to the sensor, and the oxygen permeability is calculated by analyzing the oxygen precipitation measured by the sensor. The detection principle for packaging bags or bottles is similar.

    2.2 water permeability test apparatus , mainly used for the determination of water vapor transmission rate of cosmetic packaging film materials and packaging containers such as bottles, bags, cans, etc. Through the measurement of water vapor transmission rate, the technical indicators of the control and adjustment of packaging materials and other products can be reached to meet the different needs of product applications. Clamp the sample between the test chambers, a stable relative humidity nitrogen flows on one side of the film, and dry nitrogen flows on the other side of the film. Due to the difference in humidity, water vapor will pass through the film from the high humidity side to the low humidity side. , The water vapor permeating on the low-humidity side is carried by the flowing dry nitrogen to the sensor, and the sensor outputs an electrical signal to calculate the water vapor transmission rate. For containers such as packaging bottles and bags, dry nitrogen flows in the container, and the outside of the container is in a high humidity state.

 water permeability test apparatus

    3. Testing of other physical and mechanical indicators of cosmetic packaging and packaging materials
The mechanical properties of cosmetic packaging play a very important role in the packaging process, transportation, and shelf life of cosmetics. The quality of the food directly determines the safety of the food in the circulation link. The summary of all testing items mainly includes: tensile strength and elongation, composite film peel strength, heat seal strength, sealing and leakage, impact resistance, material surface smoothness and other indicators.
Tensile strength and elongation, peeling strength, heat sealing strength, tearing performance: Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that the material can withstand before it is broken. Testing can effectively solve the problem because the mechanical strength of the selected packaging material is not enough. The packaging is damaged and broken under the action of external force. Peel strength is also called composite strength or composite fastness, which is to detect the bonding strength between layers in a composite film. If the adhesive strength is too low, problems such as leakage caused by layer separation during packaging use are very easy to occur. Heat seal strength, also known as heat seal strength, is to detect the strength of the seal. During the storage and transportation of the product, if the heat seal strength is too low, it will cause problems such as cracking of the heat seal and leakage of the contents. If you want to test the above indicators, you need to use a tensile testing machine to test, and prepare the samples according to the test standards corresponding to different test items. For specific operations, please click to consult us directly below.
4. cosmetic bottle packaging testing equipment

    Bottle packaging is the most widely used form of packaging in the packaging field now. The opening torque value of the cosmetic bottle is one of the process parameters that the production unit focuses on offline or online control. Whether the torque value of the bottle is appropriate has a great impact on the intermediate transportation of the product and the final consumption.

universal tensile measure tester

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