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Why is Aluminium foil used in pharmaceutical packaging? December 17,2020.

    Aluminium foils for pharmaceuticalpackagingpromise performances of non-toxic, corrosion resistance,heat resistance, moisture resistance, light resistance, light weight,being free from bacteria and easy to handle.They areapplied mainly to pharmaceutical tablets and capsule blister packaging. Depending on the alloy and its treatment, alufoil can be made more brittle, tougher or more ductile. It can also be combined with other materials like paper or plastics. Speciallymention thatPTP aluminum foilis widely used in pharmaceutical industry andrequire professionalproductionand processing condition with high purification.

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the quality requirements for pharmaceutical aluminium foils are rapidly increasing. For example the type of printing color increases, the surface quality requirements of pharmaceutic aluminum foil is higher and higher. With the increase of the speed of coating and coloring equipment, higher requirements are imposed on the mechanical properties of aluminum foil for medicine packaging.

Qualified aluminiumfoils inpharmaceuticalindustry are produced with comprehensive tests. 1. Test items

(1) Percentage of pinhole

(2) Thermal bonding strength of adhesive layer

(3) Heat resistance of protective coating

(4) Adhesion of protective layer

(5) Moisture barrier property

(6) Burst strength

(7) Fluorescent material

(8) Open&roll performance

2. Test machinery

(1) Pinhole degree detector

(2) Water vapor permeability tester

(3) Heat seal tester

(4) Electronic tensile tester

(5) Bursting strength tester

(6) Dark chamber UV analyzer

    Population growth, rapid urbanization, increasing life expectancy and growingmedical needs prompt the demand for medicine and pharmaceutical packaging. In particular, many accesses to healthcare consumption services and the trend towards smaller families brought the need of more small packages and subpackages of pharmaceutical products. Both consumers and producers hope to reduce the waste of packaging materials to support the overall trend towards greater resource efficiency. The above changes and trends put forward new demands for the application of aluminum foil, and also bring new opportunities for the sustainable development of aluminum foil.

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