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3 factors affect the packaging heat sealing effect September 14,2020.

The packaging heat sealing strength tester developed and produced by GBPI is to heat the sealing part of the plastic film into a viscous flow state. With the help of a certain pressure, the two films are fused into one body and have a certain strength and sealing performance after cooling.

GBPI Heat Seal Strength Tester

The purpose of heat-sealing and sealing the package is to ensure that the product can withstand a certain external force during the packaging, transportation, storage and consumption process, and to ensure that the product does not crack or leak to achieve the purpose of protecting the product. The heat-sealing strength tester simulates the heat-sealing temperature, heat-sealing pressure, and heat-sealing time used by the enterprise during the rapid heat-sealing of packaging on the production line. Use the successfully produced film samples to test the heat-sealing strength on the tensile testing machine to judge the quality of the heat-sealing performance of the packaging materials and help companies analyze the heat-sealing production process.

laboratory heal seal tester

Several important factors that generally affect the sealing effect of packaging:

1. Heat sealing temperature: Its function is to heat the adhesive film layer to an ideal viscous flow state. The viscous flow temperature and decomposition temperature of the polymer are the lower and upper limits of heat sealing. The difference between these two temperatures is an important factor for measuring the difficulty of heat sealing.

2. Heat sealing pressure: its function is to make the film in a state of viscous flow produce effective interpenetration and diffusion of polymer segments between the sealing interface, and also make the distance between the polymers close to the result of intermolecular forces. . If the heat-sealing pressure is too low, it may cause the heat-sealing to be insecure; if the pressure is too high, the local effective segments in the viscous flow state may be squeezed out, causing the heat-sealing part to be half-cut, leading to wire drawing.

3. Heat sealing time: refers to the time that the film stays under the sealing knife. The heat sealing time determines the heat sealing temperature, pressure and the production efficiency of the equipment.

GBPI's laboratory heat-seal tester adopts advanced temperature control technology to reach the set temperature accurately and quickly. The heat-seal strength tester is a cost-effective testing instrument of similar products with high control accuracy and automation.

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