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/Plastic Films Heat Seal Tester With Five-point

Plastic Films Heat Seal Tester With Five-point

GBB-F Heat Seal Tester is to test the temperature, pressure, and time for heat sealing of various film materials.

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GBB-F Heat SealerTester Application

GBB-F Heat Seal Tester is to test the temperature, pressure, and time for heat sealing of various film materials. It is apply to quality inspection organizations, drug control institutions, research institutes, packaging, thin film, food companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, personal care industry and so on.


QB/T 2358-1998, ASTM F 2029, YBB00122003-2015

heat sealing tester


1. Upper and lower heat seal bars have independent temperature control and setting.

2. Use compressed air, pneumatic drive.

3. Automatic and manual modes; use foot switch for manual mode.

4. Can customize size, shape and smoothness of heat seal bar.

5. Can upgrade heat seal bar with anti-sticking function.

6. Temperature calibration is simple.

Technical Parameters ofelectronic Heat Sealing Analyzer


Technical parameters

Temperature range

Room temperature~300℃

Temperature precision


Seal time range

0.1s~999.9 S

Pressure range


Heat seal area

Upper bar:35×10mm × 5 sections,

lower bar has silicone pad as buffer;(Can customize

all kinds of specifications)

Heat seal method

two ways: automatic or manual,external air cylinder

Gas source

compressed air



Power supply

AC220V 50Hz


55 kg

Instrument size

700mm × 400mm × 540mm


A、Spare parts






Power cable

3*0.75 10A 1.8 M

1 PC

Foot switch


1 PC


Allen wrench

1 PC


Cross screwdriver


1 PC


Wooden box

1 PC



1 PC

B、Optional parts







 Metrology Certificate



Air compressor


C、User provide


Power supply  500w   220V   10A   three holes socket   ground wire


Air source(such as air compressor)specification 2.5HP、8KG pressure


High-pressure air pipe(Φ8mm plastic pipe)


Air filter(filter dust, filter oil, filter water)

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