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ASTM D3078 Standard Test Method for Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission September 4,2019.

There are many different type of Popcorn bags and other vacuum packaging bags in our daily life. These type of packaging sealing quality is very critical for the packaging products shelf life. Thus leakage tester is high demand for the market.

GBPI contribute to helping packaging industries to improve their packaging materials productions quality control, over 17 years experienced in packaging testing equipment manufacturer and design, GBPI GB-M Leakage Tester can greatly help to test the hermetic sealing quality and performance of packaging bags, bottles, cans and so on, used in industries of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care and etc.

GBPI Leakage tester working principle immerse closed sample filled with gas under water in test chamber, then create vacuum in the chamber to observe if there are bubbles emission from inside the sample to check the hermetic sealing status.

leakage tester

GB-M Leakage Tester test method covers the determination of gross leaks in flexible packaging containing a headspace gas by bubble emission. A vacuum chamber shall be any transparent container capable of withstanding approximately one atmosphere pressure differential, fitted with a vacuum-tight cover. A vacuum gage, an inlet tube from a source of vacuum, and an outlet tube to the atmosphere shall be connected to the chamber cover. Use an immersion fluid which does not degrade the package being tested. The test sample and test fluid shall be at equilibrium with normal room temperature. The procedures for testing are presented in details. It apply to international testing standard ASTM-D3078

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