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Barrier Films for Food Packaging July 12,2019.

Now Emerging food packaging applications have lead to stricter requirements for the packages that contain the food products. Among these needs, improved barrier films for the construction of the actual packages are one of the growing areas that are demanding attention.  An improvement in the barrier features leads to an enhancement of the shelf - life of the food and reduces the potential for spoilage and damage of the packaged food.

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what is barrier film?

Barrier films are an integral part of food packaging solutions, especially in thin plastic-based products. Because the overall success of food packaging depends on the efficacy of barrier films, it’s critical to select the right type of film for your specific application. In order to do so, several variables should be kept in mind.

Oxygen Permeability Tester

The key character for food packaging film is oxygen barrier character

Firstly, it’s important to consider the oxygen transfer rate (OTR), a measurement of the amount of oxygen that a film allows to pass through it. In most food packaging applications, the less oxygen the better, so high barrier films are a popular choice; they have an oxygen permeability of 10cc or less.

Below introduce several types of high barrier films

There is a wide range of high barrier films available, each offering unique benefits for various types of food products.

The highly flexible ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier film, for instance, is ideal for fish, poultry, and meat packaging, as it has an OTR of only 0.6cc/m2 and can be used as a substrate or as independent packaging material.

Polyester (PET), a high-performing film is used as a laminating substrate. It provides an excellent oxygen barrier, durability, and heat resistance. When laminated onto certain other materials, it also provides a strong water barrier and UV protection.

Coating PET film with a soft saran laminate creates KPET, a laminate for use on other films. It has strong gas, moisture, and vapor properties, making it ideal for use in flexible food packaging for dry goods, very odiferous goods, and goods that are sensitive to absorbing other odors.

So how can you make sure the barrier film you buy or manufacture is high barrier film? Good question,GBPI Packaging Testing Instrument can help you solve it out.

GBPI design and manufacture packaging testing solution for flexible packaging material over 16 years,with the experienced R&D team,we design and manufacture Y310 Oxygen Permeability Tester comply to ASTM D3985 ASTM F1927 and N530 Gas Permeation Analyzer both can apply to ASTM D1434 greatly help you test your films oxygen transmission rate,that is oxygen barrier character.

Any more questions or requirements about our oxygen transmission rate Tester pleasle feel free to contact us by mail or directly call us.

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