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GBPI Intelligent Compost Degradation Tester -Sustainable Plastics Solutions February 25,2021.

         Biodegradable plastic refers to a type of plastic that is degraded by the action of microorganisms in nature such as bacteria, mold (fungi) and algae. It is a polymer material with excellent performance, can be completely decomposed by environmental microorganisms after being discarded, and finally inorganicized to become a component of the carbon cycle in nature. For example, "paper" is a typical biodegradable material, while "synthetic plastic" is a typical polymer material. Therefore, biodegradable plastics are polymer materials with the properties of both "paper" and "synthetic plastic".

        The difference between degradable plastics and biodegradable plastics: Degradable plastics are a large category, including photodegradable, thermally degradable plastics and biodegradable plastics. Biodegradable plastics are only one of them, but it can be biodegraded under natural environment or composting conditions. Carbon dioxide (or methane) and water, etc.

        The difference between bio-based/C14 and biodegradation: Biodegradation is mainly based on the concept of environmental absorption performance after plastic is discarded. Bio-based is a concept proposed from the perspective of the source of raw materials. Biodegradable plastics can turn into carbon dioxide and water under certain conditions after being used and discarded. The raw materials of bio-based plastics are mainly renewable resources such as starch and cellulose. Although most bio-based plastics are biodegradable, bio-based plastics are not necessarily bio-degradable, and bio-degradable plastics are not necessarily bio-based plastics. Biodegradability is an important property of PBS polyester. At present, the main method for evaluating the biodegradability of plastics in the world is composting. Composting is rich in microbial sources, which can reflect the biodegradation of plastics in the natural environment to a certain extent. performance.

Intelligent Compost Degradation Tester

        The degradation performance requirements of biodegradable plastics (conditions and standards) The test method is to determine the biodegradability under ISO 14855 composting conditions (the domestic standard is GB/T 19277, which is equivalent to ISO). The degradation rate of a single polymer is required to be above 50% ( Within 180d), the biodegradation rate of each material with more than 1% of the blend is required to be more than 60%. European requirements directly require the relative biodegradation rate or absolute biodegradation rate to be above 90%. The domestic degradation performance requirement standard is GB/T 20197. The American standards required for compostable plastics are mainly ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868, and the EU standards are EN 13432 and 14995. Similar regulations are also made in GB/T 20197 in China. At present, ISO 17088 is in the promulgation stage, which is basically formulated on the basis of ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

        According to the requirements of environmental development, combined with our company's many years of biodegradation research and development technology and application experience, GBPI adopts patented intelligent algorithms, adhering to the people-oriented design concept, and the latest independent research and development of a high-end intelligent compost degradation test equipment. GBDA-180 Intelligent Compost Degradation Tester is the world's leading biodegradation analyzer tester based on the composting method to detect the corresponding substance and the maximum biodegradation rate under the condition of oxygen supply. It is also a tester for inspection and testing institutions and scientific research universities . One of the necessary equipment for research, analysis and testing of degradable materials. Let us work together to protect the beautiful earth home.

        For more product information about the compost tester, please contact us directly, and we will provide customers with solutions 24 hours a day. GBPI is a supplier of flexible packaging testing equipment , mask testing equipment , and testing solutions. It has more than 20 years of experience in the field of testing equipment. The company has a dedicated R&D and after-sales team, which can accept customer testing and on-site teaching machine services. Not only that, we can also help customers with one-stop customized laboratory testing solutions. GBPI has passed ISO 9001 certification, we have become a large-scale testing agency supplier, and cooperate with many international standards organizations. According to customer requirements, we can provide CE, ISO, CNAS calibration certificates, etc. We have established long -term cooperative relationships with large international third-party giants such as SGS, BV, TUV and Intertek. Excellent quality and top after-sales service help GBPI to be recognized by our customers.

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