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Lab plastic film ISO8295 ASTMD1894 coefficients of friction tester December 24,2020.

Coefficient of Friction Tester

Coefficient of Friction Tester  , academic alias friction coefficient meter, friction coefficient tester, material friction coefficient tester  , friction coefficient tester, friction coefficient test device, friction coefficient tester, friction coefficient measuring instrument .

Scope of application

It is suitable for measuring the static friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet, rubber, paper, cardboard, woven bag, fabric style, metal material composite belt for communication cable and optical cable, conveyor belt, wood, coating, wiper, shoe material, tire and other materials when sliding And the coefficient of dynamic friction. In addition, it can also be used to determine the slip properties of cosmetics, eye drops and other daily chemicals.

working principle

Clamp the strip test sample with a sample holder, while wrapping the slider with the sample to be tested, and then place the slider on the hanging hole of the sensor. Under a certain contact pressure, the rack is driven by the motor to move the sensor. That is to move the two test surfaces relative to each other. The force signal measured by the sensor is amplified by the integrator and sent to the recorder. At the same time, the dynamic friction coefficient and the static friction coefficient are recorded separately

Coefficient of friction

The coefficient of friction refers to the ratio of the friction force between two surfaces to the vertical force acting on one surface. It is related to the surface roughness, and has nothing to do with the size of the contact area. According to the nature of motion, it can be divided into dynamic friction coefficient and static friction coefficient. [1]



(Μ is the dynamic friction factor, no unit, f is the friction force, N is the positive pressure)

It was first proposed in 1734 by the British scholar Desa Zoulius.


The main standards of the friction coefficient tester are:




"GB/T10006 Plastic Film and Sheet Friction Coefficient Determination Method"


Accurate and reliable data

high precision with Imported core components with.

It is easy and convenient to calibrate the force value sensor with the special standard block.

Simple operation

With LCD display, the static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient are displayed in real time.

Can run independently without computer, data processing automatically.

Easy operation, with controlling software, can connect to a computer to display curves and print out the test report.

Advanced technology

The full-auto operation, auto judgment, and stop.

Reliable and easy-maintenance

Sensor over-range auto protection.

Function modularization, easy to maintain.

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