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Mask testing standards & COVID-19 November 18,2020.

GBPI provides the public with important mask testing standards free of charge. These standards are applicable to production and personal protective equipment-including N95 masks, medical masks and disposable masks. The GBPI mask testing laboratory faces the global COVID-19 public health emergency Provide a positive response. Provide accurate mask testing instrument services for mask manufacturers and healthcare professionals.

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The relevant standards are as follows:

ASTM F2299/F2299M-03 (2017) standard test method to determine the initial efficiency of the material used in medical masks for the particle penetration of latex balls

ASTM F2101-19 Standard test method for evaluating the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical mask materials using Staphylococcus aureus bio-aerosol

ASTM F2100-19 Standard Specification for Material Performance of Medical Masks

ASTM F2100-19E01 function standardization performance

ASTM F1862 / F1862M-17 ASTM F1862 / F1862M-17 is a standard test method for the resistance of medical masks to the penetration of artificial blood (horizontal projection of a fixed volume at a known speed)

ASTM F1494-14 standard terminology related to protective clothing

ASTM F3407-20 Standard Test Method for Respirator Assembly Ability of Negative Pressure Half-face Particulate Respirator

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