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Systematic testing program for food plastic packaging April 20,2022.

With the rapid development of the economy, the issue of food safety is receiving more and more attention and has become a topic of great concern to the general public. Plastic as an important material for current food packaging, has a variety of advantages: plasticity, light quality, good closure, strong and durable, so in food production and manufacturing has been widely used. Food plastic packaging is the most important part of the food safety issue, therefore, the relevant departments, enterprises should pay attention to food plastic packaging safety testing, take advanced testing technology, timely detection of the quality problems that exist in it, to ensure food safety.

Food plastic packaging strength testing packaging

tensile testing machine

GBH-2 Tensile Strength Measurement Device

Electronic tensile testing machine is applicable to food plastic packaging strength including tensile strength, deformation rate, as well as the tear strength and puncture strength of composite film. According to China's regulations, there are various methods for testing the strength of food plastic packaging, such as: pulling force, peeling force, sealing fastness, etc., which requires inspectors to combine the specific situation.

Food plastic packaging resistance to external force testing

GBN200G Compression Tester

Food plastic packaging under the influence of external forces, it is easy to rupture, openings, leakage and other problems, thus affecting the quality and performance of food preservation. The pressure resistance tester can test the pressure resistance and bursting strength of food plastic packaging by simulating the packaging under pressure.

Food plastic packaging barrier testing

Y310 2.0 Oxygen transmission rate tester

The barrier property of food plastic packaging is affected by chemical structure, cohesive density, free volume, crystallinity and orientation, and the most common gas barrier property is oxygen permeability. According to the national testing standards, in the process of gas permeability testing, differential pressure method and isobaric method can be used; in the process of water vapor permeability testing, weighing method, electrolysis method, infrared method and humidity method can be used.

Food plastic packaging sealability testing

GB-M2 leak meter

In the current food plastic packaging production, often using the way of hot pressure sealing, improper operation will affect the sealing of food plastic packaging, there is liquid leakage or gas leakage, resulting in external microorganisms, bacteria into the package, contamination of food. GB-M2 leak tester with high-precision electronic pressure sensor as the measurement means, through the microcomputer control, can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing process of flexible packaging parts and sealing performance.

Food plastic packaging hygiene testing

Migration Testing Equipemnent

Food plastic packaging will be in close contact with food, and additives, adhesives, inks, etc. in plastic packaging may migrate into the food, affecting the safety and hygiene of food. Total migration and non-volatile matter tester, with water bath evaporation, heating and drying, drying and cooling, constant temperature weighing integrated system design, suitable for food packaging field of total migration (non-volatile matter, evaporation residue) and other items of the test.

Food plastic packaging is widely used in the food industry, in order to ensure food safety, testing institutions need to strengthen the safety of food plastic packaging testing, the establishment of food safety risk monitoring system, and constantly strengthen the daily testing efforts. For different types of plastic packaging, different testing methods are adopted to promptly identify existing problems and take targeted treatment measures to ensure maximum food safety and prevent contamination of food

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