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The difference between a mask with an exhalation valve and a mask without an exhalation November 13,2020.

Masks are currently necessary anti-epidemic materials when going out. There are many types of masks. Some masks have breathing valves, and some do not have breathing valves. What is the difference between them. GBPI mask testing consultants provide you with their differences.

1.The difference between a mask with an exhalation valve and a mask without an exhalation

1)The difference between whether breathing is smooth

Masks with valves breathe relatively smoothly, and can easily remove the air exhaled from the lungs from the outside of the mask; at the same time, the valve on the mask will automatically close during the inhalation process, and the outside air cannot enter the inside through the mask; It is said that the valve on the mask is a single valve. A mask with a valve can lower the temperature inside the mask in addition to smooth breathing.

2)The difference in the applicable time

Masks with valves are suitable for long-term occupational protection or anti-smog; such as medical staff or people working on construction sites; masks without valves are economical and suitable for short-term wear, such as when you go out shopping and come back soon.

3) The difference in the price

The exhalation valve on the mask can breathe more smoothly and block particles, but the price is more expensive, because the additional breathing valve on the mask requires material and work costs; so whether there is a exhalation valve on the mask needs to be based on actual conditions The situation decides.

2.So why do masks with and without exhalation valve have any impact?

There is a difference between a respirator with a breathing valve and a mask without a breathing valve. (Note: Patients who are visiting are not suitable for breathing valve masks!) According to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many people think that they should be worn in public. Masks can slow the spread of COVID-19. However, a mask with an exhalation valve cannot slow the spread of diseases, because a mask with an exhalation valve can only protect the safety of the wearer. The air valve mask has a valve inside the valve, which opens when exhaling, and the wearer's exhaled air is directly discharged to the surrounding environment without filtering. If the infected person wears a mask with a breathing valve, the surrounding people are still at risk There is no protective effect among them, so patients who see a doctor should not wear such masks. When medical protective masks are in short supply, medical -surgical masks should be given priority; of course, if you are 100% sure that you are healthy, you can also use breathing valve masks. . The CDC stated that even people who have no symptoms should wear medical masks to avoid the possibility of infection but no symptoms leading to the widespread spread of the virus.

Then we all know that the exhalation valve is a one-way opening valve, which is closed when inhaling. When exhaling, the pressure inside the mask is greater than the pressure outside the mask, and the valve can be opened automatically,which helps reduce the resistance to exhalation and discharge moisture and heat.  Improve the comfort of wearing the mask.

Some manufacturers of breathing valve masks are worried about what aspects of this need to be tested to produce qualified masks with exhalation valves. The advice provided by the GBPI mask testing consultant is to use a medical mask exhalation valve air tightness tester . Parameters such as airtightness and respiratory resistance can be detected. Users can choose according to their needs to reduce the repetitive systemic test process, and operate directly on the touch screen of the instrument to improve test efficiency. More solutions for laboratory testing equipment can be emailed to us immediately.

medical mask exhalation valve air tightness tester

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