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The importance of measuring the thickness of packaging materials November 18,2021.

The thickness of the film material is an important characteristic of packaging materials, and different thicknesses are critical to other properties such as permeability, tensile strength, and impact resistance. In addition, the increase in material thickness will inevitably increase packaging costs and increase the burden on the environment. Therefore, controlling the thickness of material packaging materials within a reasonable range is an effective way to reduce production costs.

Interpretation of instrument standards

ASTM D374-Standard Test Methods for Thickness of Solid Electrical Insulation

ASTM D1777-Standard Test Method for Thickness of Textile Materials

ASTM D3652-Standard Test Method for Thickness of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

ASTM D6988-Standard Guide for Determination of Thickness of Plastic Film Test Specimens

ASTM F2251-Standard Test Method for Thickness Measurement of Flexible Packaging Material

ISO 4593-Plastics - Film and sheeting - Determination of thickness by mechanical scanning

ISO 534-Paper and board - Determination of thickness, density and specific volume

ISO 3034-Corrugated fibreboard - Determination of single sheet thickness

ISO 5084-Textiles - Determination of thickness of textiles and textile products

ISO 12625-3-Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 3: Determination of thickness, bulking thickness and apparent bulk density and bulk

TAPPI T411-Thickness (caliper) of paper, paperboard, and combinedboard

BS 2782-6, DIN 53370, FEFCO No 3, EN 1942, JIS K6250, JIS K6783, JIS Z1702, etc.

Test principle

Thickness tester of Plastic Film is the thickness value of the sample obtained by testing the displacement of the measuring head. When the measuring head automatically falls on the cutting board, the high-precision displacement sensor equipped with the equipment measures the initial displacement value of the measuring head. The measuring head is lifted up, the sample is placed between the measuring head and the cutting board, and the measuring head drops to the surface of the sample again , The displacement sensor tests the displacement value of the measuring head, and the difference between the two test values is the thickness of the sample.

GBPI's Tissue paper Thickness Tester complies with a variety of international standards and can be measured according to the customer's material requirements. It has simple operation, Configured with micro printer, which can quickly print out experimental results.

GBPI tester has more than 20 years of experience in the field of flexible packaging testing equipment, we can also help customers with one-stop customized laboratory testing equipment solutions.According to customer requirements, we can provide CE, ISO, CNAS calibration certificates, etc . We have established long-term cooperative relationships with large international third-party giants such as SGS, BV, TUV and Intertek. Excellent quality and top after-sales service help GBPI to be recognized by our customers.

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