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What are the testing items of the mask tensile testing machine May 25,2020.

Mask testing includes filtering efficiency, airflow resistance, mask band testing, synthetic blood testing, etc. Mask tensile testing is one of the important links in the measurement and testing of medical surgical masks. GBH-3 multifunctional mask tensile testing machine independently developed by GBPI is used for tensile testing of medical masks and disposable masks. It is also used for Test the tensile strength, peel strength, heat seal strength, tear strength, puncture strength of plastic film, composite film, adhesive tape, flexible packaging material, rubber sheet, paper, non-woven fabric and other packaging materials, widely used in industrial plastic film, Food, medicine, inspection institutions, research institutes, colleges, etc.

mask tensile testing machine

What are the main test items of the mask tensile testing machine? The following introduces related content for you:

  1. Mechanical performance testing of medical disposable protective clothing;

    Executive standard: GB 19082-2009 technical requirements for medical disposable protective clothing;

    1.1 Breaking strength: The breaking strength of the key parts of protective clothing should not be less than 45N;

    1.2 Elongation at break: The elongation at break of the key parts of the protective clothing should not be less than 15%;

  2. Medical protective mask: the breaking strength of the connection point between each mask band and the mask body should not be less than 10N;

    Executive standard: GB 19083-2010 protective mask technical requirements;

  3. Daily protective masks: the breaking strength of the mask belt and the connection between the mask belt and the mask body is not less than 20N;

    Executive standard: GB / T32610-2016 daily protective mask technical specifications;

  4. Daily protective mask: fastness of exhalation valve cover, measuring range of material testing machine: 0-1000N, accuracy 1%;

    Execution standard: GB / T32610-2016 Daily protective mask technical specification Test method: Fix the exhalation valve cover and cover body of the tested sample with appropriate fixtures, start the material testing machine, apply axial tension to 10N for 10S, See if there are breaks, slips and deformations.

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