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what is packaging material coefficient of friction January 22,2019.

Have you ever think about how to test and measure your packaging material coefficient of friction?

A material’s coefficient of friction is the ratio of the force acting between the material surfaces to the pulling force. Measurements are usually made material surface against itself, with a lower friction coefficient indicating a lower resistance.

Friction has two components; dynamic and static:

Dynamic friction (or kinetic friction) is the force needed to maintain motion between two surfaces.

Static friction is the force needed to create movement between two surfaces.

The coefficient of friction is a critical property of all materials which run on high speed manufacturing lines; particularly those in the printing and packaging industry. Coefficient of friction is routinely specified for plastic flowrapping films.

GBPI Supply you Advanced Coefficient of friction tester to help you test your packaging material coefficient of friction.

coefficient of friction


To test the smoothness, evenness and sealing strength of plastic film, paper and other materials, used in packaging industry, membrane industry, inspection agency and so on.

what kind of Standard GBPI Coefficient of Friction Analzyer apply to:

GB 10006, ASTM D 1894-01, ISO 8295, TAPPI 816

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