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ASTM D1894 Standard Test standard of Coefficients of Friction of Plastic Film and Sheeting August 27,2019.

A coefficient of friction is a value that shows the relationship between the force of friction between two objects and the normal reaction between the objects that are involved. This application is very important for daily life packaging material properties requirement. It is the key to ensure packaging material quality and shelf life of packaging products. Coefficient of friction also named COF, packaging materials COF Measurement is critical in daily life.

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ASTM D1894 is a testing standard designed to measure the friction of plastic film and sheeting.  This test method measures the initial and moving friction of one material being dragged across another, otherwise known as the static (initial) and kinetic (moving) coefficients of friction (COF).  ASTM D1894 is commonly used for plastic sheeting.  The test utilizes a standard universal testing machine, low force load cell, and a COF apparatus described in the specification.  The initial force to move the sled is used to calculate the static COF, and the average force once the sled is moving is used to calculate the kinetic COF.

GBPI as a pioneer packaging testing equipments manufacturer in China, its GM-6 Coefficient of Friction Tester is very popular between home and abroad customers. It apply  to the static sliding friction for the packaging industry, film manufacturers, package material detection mechanism of plastic film and sheeting. The coefficient of friction on the film smoothness, the opening degree of difficulty and uniformity can be test accurately, thus can correctly guide customers film production.GM-6 COF Tester coefficient measurement range from 0.01 to 0.99N, comfirm to testing standard ASTM D1894.

Coefficient of Friction Test

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