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ASTM F2029 Standard Practices for Determination of Heat Sealability of Flexible Barrier Materials August 30,2019.

As we all know that most of our daily packaging both sealed with films or bags to protect the packaging products shelf life or quality. Heat seal property is the most important property of the plastic packaging film.

ASTM F2029 practice facilitates the determination of laboratory heat sealability of flexible barrier materials. While it is necessary to have a heat seal layer that provides adequate seal strength for the application, other material properties, such as the overall construction and thickness, will impact the sealing properties of the material. This practice allows the impact of changes in material properties on heat sealability to be measured.

Due to differences between a laboratory sealer and manufacturing equipment (for example, scale, size of sealing area, and processing speed), there may be a significant difference between the capability and output of a laboratory heat sealer and that of manufacturing equipment. Hence, GBPI contribute to heat seal testing equipment developing over 17 years in China, and GBPI Heat sealer focus on the most advancing and newest technology, its heat seal curve and the corresponding seal strength data are intended to provide a starting point for determination of sealing conditions for full scale manufacturing equipment.

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GBPI GBB-F Heat Seal Tester can measure the temperature range, intensity, suitable speed, pressure and so on of the heat sealing of plastic film based material, flexible packaging composite membrane, coating paper, aluminium foil and other kinds of heat sealing compound precisely. It equipped with latest and advancing technology to comply to international heat sealing testing standard ASTM F2029. More details about our laboratory heat sealer please feel free to contact us.

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