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Flexible Barrier Materials Heat Seal Strength Testing

Heat Seal Tester apply to test the temperature, pressure, time and strength for heat sealing of various plastic films, composite film, aluminum foil and so on, widely used in industries of , food, pharmaceuticals, inspection agency, research institute and so on.

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    GBB-F Heat Seal Test
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    Guangzhou China
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    Huangpu Guangzhou
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Seal strength is related to the pack opening force and a measure of the consistency of the packaging process. The maximum seal force, average peel force and total energy absorbed in peeling the seal can be recorded.

The strength of seals in flexible barrier materials is also routinely measured as part of the validation exercise on medical device packaging. Seal strength tests are typically performed on pouches and lidded trays as a measure of heat seal quality.

GBPI GBB-F Five-point Heat Seal Tester can set with 5 different temperature spots to heat seal,select the optional heat seal temperature,can also set the same temperature to speed up the heat sealing

Heat sealing temperature:room temperature ~ 300℃

Temperature accuracy:±0.1℃

Heat sealing time:0.01s~99.99h

Heat sealing pressure:0.05~0.8Mpa

Heat sealing area:45×10mm x 5 points, smooth, lower blade with silicon pad,

can customize size:Heating modeautomatic or manual

Instrument size:700×400×540mm

Power supply:220V, 50Hz

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