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Do we need to test the melt-blown cloth before mask production? November 11,2020.

Masks generally refer to appliances worn on the mouth and nose to filter the air in the entrance and exit nose to prevent harmful gases, odors, and droplets from entering and exiting the wearer's nose and mouth. They are usually made of gauze or non-woven fabrics.

Masks can be divided into medical masks and non-medical masks according to their purpose.

Medical masks include : medical protective masks, medical-surgical masks, and disposable medical masks.

Non-medical masks include: industrial dust masks (such as KN95/KN90), daily protective masks, and ordinary masks.

According to the shape of the face mask, masks can be divided into flat, duckbill, arch, or folding, etc.

According to the wearing style, it can be divided into ear-hook style, strap style or headband style.

Melt blown cloth is called the "heart" of masks. Melt blown cloth needs to have good filterability, air permeability, and shielding properties before it can be used as the raw material for mask production. Therefore, only qualified melt blown cloth can be produced. For masks, the melt blown cloth must be tested before the mask is produced.

Masks are generally composed of melt-blown cloth, non-woven fabric, mask belt, and nose clip. The outer and inner layers are made of non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is made of melt-blown cloth. The raw material of "melt blown cloth" and other non-woven fabrics is polypropylene-a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can capture dust due to electrostatic action. When droplets containing various viruses are close to polypropylene melt blown cloth, it can It is adsorbed on the surface of the meltblown cloth and cannot be penetrated. The outer layer of the mask has an anti-droplet design, and the middle layer is the core functional layer, which is used to filter droplets, particles and bacteria. The inner layer mainly absorbs moisture. Therefore, before producing the finished mask, The melt blown cloth should be tested first to see if it meets the standard requirements, so as to prevent the unqualified melt blown cloth from causing the finished masks to fail to meet the requirements. Note: the melt blown cloth generally chooses 20 grams of weight, and the higher the weight, the protection The better the filtering effect, the weight of N95 is 40 grams or even higher.

Those indicators of melt blown cloth need to be paid attention to. In the process of testing masks and melt blown cloth products, the flammability, air tightness, and air resistance and expiratory resistance, bacterial filtration rate, and particle filtration rate are core parameters. How to detect the particle filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration of the meltblown cloth? The mask consultant recommends using the mask detection equipment produced by Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.

GBPI's meltblown cloth filtration efficiency test instrument, this instrument is suitable for testing the efficiency of 0.1%-99.99% filter materials, and it can be put into use only by providing suitable power and compressed air. The instrument itself can automatically calculate the filtration efficiency test, support remote maintenance, and buy free test services. The GBPI testing instrument can automatically calculate and display the test results, and has the functions of printing out, etc., which has won unanimous praise from international customers! For more information, welcome to Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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