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Home / Blog / Expert analysis: Will the novel coronavirus make a comeback in winter?
Expert analysis: Will the novel coronavirus make a comeback in winter? October 9,2020.

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Will low temperatures freeze the virus to death, or will it make the virus more active? Many people think that when it snows, the virus will freeze to death. In fact, as far as bacteria and viruses are concerned, snow cooling is not effective for them. On the contrary, low temperature is just a way of keeping fresh. In the laboratory, the way to store tissues and cells for a long time is to freeze them. For example, samples that cannot be inspected temporarily can be stored at -20° or -80° for a long time, and the virus can be recovered after a few years. Experiment. Therefore, the virus is characterized by being afraid of heat but not cold.

In winter, the temperature is low, the virus is not easy to settle, and it is easy to follow the droplets to fly farther. When it snows, you don't touch the snow directly with your hands, as the snow will bring down bacteria and viruses floating in the air. Although snow can clean the air, when snowflakes effectively settle the particulate matter in the air, bacteria and viruses will also attach to the snowflakes. Touching the snow with hands can easily cause virus infection.

Now many countries have suppressed the  novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, but relevant experts reminded that the winter epidemic may happen again, how this newly discovered virus in humans interacts with the existing virus that peaks in winter. These existing viruses include influenza, respiratory syncytial virus and 4 types of coronaviruses that have been widespread and may cause the common cold. Experts say that respiratory infections tend to spread more easily in winter, and this also applies to seasonal coronaviruses. Seasonal coronavirus is currently the closest analogy to the new coronavirus. Therefore, in temperate regions, we often see the spread of this type of virus peaking in winter.

Many citizens now believe that the epidemic is under control, and they are lax about wearing masks, or they just choose non-compliant masks to wear. For everyone’s safety, we still have to insist on wearing masks that pass the inspection. The mask inspection equipment of Guangzhou GBPI can provide a complete set of plans for the inspection of masks. Wearing qualified masks can effectively filter particles and filter bacteria, viruses and haze, and effectively prevent The virus invades your body through the respiratory tract and has a protective function. We still need to wear our masks when we go to public places.

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