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GBPI new product obtains NIFDC certification January 25,2021.

In the past 2020, the GBP company and the whole world worked hard to resist our common enemy--the coronavirus. In order to provide mask manufacturers with efficient and accurate mask testing devices, the GBPI R&D team has developed a series of mask detection instruments : mask bacteria Filter detection equipment, mask particle filtering test equipment, etc. . China is a big manufacturing country, and my country's manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in the global scope.     Manufacturing is an important "economic pillar" of our country. At the same time, my country's manufacturing industry is facing low labor costs and low production efficiency, and under the influence of this year's epidemic, China's manufacturing industry is getting more and more difficult.

  In this context, GBPI insists on leading the high-quality development of manufacturing with technological innovation, and responds to high international standards with technical indicators such as product quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and safety, and wins the favor of customers!

Recently, Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd products water vapor transmission rate tester and oxygen transmission rate tester participated in the National Institutes for Food and Drug Control and obtained satisfactory results!

National Institutes for Food and Drug Control is a public institution directly under the State Food and Drug Administration. It is the national statutory agency and the highest technical arbitration agency for the quality inspection of pharmaceutical and biological products. It is the "WHO Drug Quality Assurance Cooperation Center" designated by the World Health Organization. . Responsible for the implementation of drug, biological products, medical equipment, food, health food, cosmetics, laboratory animals, packaging materials and other products in various fields according to the law, including approval and registration inspection, import inspection, supervisory inspection, safety evaluation and batch issuance of biological products. Research, distribution and management of medical device reference materials and bacterial strains for production verification, and carry out related technical research work.

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The predecessor of the AIC was the Pharmaceutical and Food Inspection Institute and the Biological Products Inspection Institute of the Ministry of Health of the Central People's Government established in 1950. In 1961, the two institutes merged into the Pharmaceutical and Biological Products Inspection Institute of the Ministry of Health. In 1998, it was transferred from the Ministry of Health to an institution directly under the State Drug Administration. In 2010, it was renamed China Institute for Food and Drug Control, with the brand of Medical Device Standards Management Center of the State Food and Drug Administration added, and the name "China General Institute for Drug Control" was used externally.

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