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How to use a laboratory testing melt flow indexer January 19,2021.

GBB-R Melt Flow Indexer

Melt mass-flow rate, also refers to the melt index, is the melt flow of the resin melt through a standard capillary tube within a certain time (generally 10min) in a standardized melt index instrument at a certain temperature and pressure. Feed grams, the unit is g/10min. The melt flow rate is an important reference for the selection of plastic processing materials and grades, which can better adapt the selected raw materials to the requirements of the processing technology, and improve the reliability and quality of the products.

GBB-R Melt Flow Indexer

The GBB-RMelt Flow Indexer is based on the test method of GB/T 3682, used to determine the fluidity of thermoplastic polymers at high temperatures, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene, ABS resin, polycarbonate, High polymers such as nylon fluoroplastics. GBB-R type adopts industrial PLC programmable controller, liquid crystal operating platform display operation, temperature control adds a temperature control unit; the machine is divided into manual, time control, and automatic cutting methods from the operation method, which can realize the quality method (MFR) and volume method (MVR) are two test methods and can measure the melting density of raw materials at the test temperature. The system also has a temperature calibration function.

Test principle:

  GBB-R melt flow rate tester uses a high-temperature heating furnace to make the measured object into a molten state under the specified temperature condition. The test object in this molten state is subjected to an extrusion test through a small hole of a certain diameter under a prescribed load. In the production of plastics, the melt index is often used to indicate the fluidity, viscosity and other physical properties of polymer materials in the molten state. The so-called melt flow rate refers to the average mass or volume of each section of the extruded sample converted into 10 minutes Mass or volume.

Experiment method:

1. Turn on the power of the instrument and enter the main operation interface, click "Melting" to enter the password, click OK, and then click "Melting" to enter the temperature control setting interface. If you feel the temperature is deviating, you can choose to modify the temperature, (such as: the temperature is low) 2 ℃, click to enter, input -2, if the temperature is 2℃ higher, input 2)

2.Click "Settings" to enter the parameter setting interface, and set the experiment's "test time", "set temperature", "nominal load", "measurement displacement", and "displacement lower limit" in turn (the lower limit parameter is "measurement displacement" "Subtract the length to be extruded) and other parameters. The test time and the lower limit of the displacement belong to the judgment conditions. When one of the conditions is reached during the test, it will automatically cut.

3. after the parameter setting is completed, click "parameter setting" to return to the main interface.

4. click "Temperature Control" to control the temperature and control the temperature to the set temperature. Click Clear to return to zero.

5.after the temperature reaches the set temperature, manually feed the material until the scale line on the piston rod is exposed.

6. Click "Run" to perform the experiment. Add the load weight to the piston until it reaches the "measurement displacement" and automatically cut the front end waste. The experiment starts timing. (If the set time is used as the judgment condition, the "displacement lower limit" is the most It is good to set it to 0, and it will cut automatically when the set time is reached. This segment is the quality extruded within a certain period of time. After the experiment is over, the instrument will automatically extrude the remaining material. If the extrusion length is used as the judgment condition, then “test time” The setting should be longer than the time required to extrude this length. When the piston rod drops to the "displacement lower limit", it will cut automatically. After the experiment is over, the instrument will automatically extrude the remaining material.)

7. the melt volume flow rate MVR can be read directly after the experiment is over. If the melt mass flow rate MFR is also required, the waste slag obtained from the experiment needs to be weighed and the weight of the waste slag is input to get the result. Clean and turn off the instrument.

8. If this experiment is to be repeated many times, you can predict whether the material in the barrel is enough for feeding according to the judgment conditions; if there is enough material for the next experiment, take off the weight after the automatic cutting in step 6, and calculate according to step 7. Record the results.

9, according to the current piston height, return to the parameter setting interface to set "measurement displacement". If time is used as the judgment condition, then directly return to the test interface and repeat steps 6~7. If the extrusion length is used as the judgment condition, set the "lower limit displacement" and then the interface, repeat steps 6~7. Until the material is insufficient, add the material again after the remaining material is extruded.

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