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How to choose a face masks equipment supplier If you are a laboratory December 8,2020.

    Different industries have different requirements for suppliers, and the selection of suppliers should be based on the special requirements of the industry and the company. Testing laboratories should also select suppliers based on their own circumstances (such as affiliation, scale, field of testing, financial status, etc.).If you doing BFE test , PFE test or the another test for face masks and want to purchase new machine from suppliers,the following aspects can be considered:

face masks testing machine

1) Qualification, management and technical level of the supplier

    Any supplier that provides supplies and services to laboratories should have a clear legal status, and certain specific products also need to have corresponding production and operation licenses in order to protect the interests of laboratories from illegal infringements in the event of disputes. The management level of the supplier is directly related to the quality and ability of the products and services provided to the laboratory. For example, whether the management level has passed the IS09000 quality system certification, and whether its quality level meets the requirements of the internationally recognized IS09000. The technical level of the supplier, such as whether the calibration results provided can be effectively traceable, whether the uncertainty and detection limit can meet the laboratory requirements. Whether the factory inspection of reagents and consumables can meet relevant standards and user requirements. The laboratory should choose a supplier with complete qualifications, high management level, and technical level that can meet the requirements.

2) Thescaleof the supplier

    How large-scale supplier is the most suitable for the laboratory? This question depends on the scale of the laboratory itself, that is, thesupplier should be matched for your laboratory.If the laboratory itself has very little demand, so a large-scale supplier is selected. "when they have problems the suppliers must first abandon your insignificant demand and protect their important customers. On the contrary, the scale of the laboratory is large and the scale of the selected supplier is not enough. Once the laboratory demand is large Fluctuations, small suppliers often cannot guarantee timely supply and service. Therefore, you must choose a supplier that matches your own scale and manage it scientifically.

3) Supply capacity, speed and stability

    Suppliers must have sufficient inventory to cope with fluctuations in laboratory temporary and batch orders, sufficient resources to provide satisfactory services to the laboratory, and the ability to organize supplies according to agreed delivery deadlines and delivery conditions. Whether the supplies and services needed by the laboratory can be delivered in time directly affects the continuity of laboratory operations. Procured face masks testing machine are subject to strict laboratory acceptance, and the stability of long-term test results is used to monitor suppliers.

4) Service awareness

    Supplier's service awareness is one of the elements that the laboratory must consider. Excellent suppliers will take the initiative to think from the customer's standpoint, and actively cooperate with customers to improve their shortcomings and improve service levels. Good suppliers will provide more help to the laboratory, such as door-to-door service, technical support service, etc. In addition, suppliers with a sense of service tend to have higher management levels and advanced business concepts, which is convenient for laboratories to carry out supplier management.

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