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How to deal with the after-sales installation problems of mask testing instruments? December 14,2020.

After-salesinstallationservice is an effective measure to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. To provide consumers with economical, practical, safe and reliable quality products is a prerequisite for the survival and development of enterprises. If customers'installation problems are not taken seriously by the enterprise, two-thirds of customers will turn to the competitors of the enterprise to make purchase; If theproblem is eventually resolved, about 70% of customers will continue to visit the business; Ifproblems are properly and promptly resolved, the proportion of customers who continue tovisit will rise to 95%.

After-sales service is a good way for enterprises to get rid of the price war.In today's increasingly serious product homogeneity, after-sales service, as a part of sales, has become an important territory for many manufacturers and businesses to compete for consumers, and after-sales service is a sharp tool for enterprises to participate in market competition under buyer's market conditions.

Guangzhou Biaoji Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. (GBPI) Is a professional manufacturer focused on developing and producing Mask & Packaging material test instruments .

mask testing equiment

GBPI also is a service technology enterprise. Our after-sales service policy is as below.

1. One time transaction, a lifetime of service.

2. To improve customer satisfaction through quality service.

3. Service value-added is the direction of efforts.

4. Standard operation Process of work.

Medical Mask Protective Testing Machines

>We’ve worked out a complete after-sales installation service program, and we have a great deal of experience to help customers to solve all after-sales problems. Here’s the regular method of GBPI to deal with the problems.

①Professional online installation guidance.

②Respond within 12 hours, providing effective solutions quickly.

③Phone call or video call through social application.

④Provide detailed installation documents.

⑤Door-to-door training & installation service. Including instrument debugging.

 For more information about mask testing equipment  and packaging testing equipment 、welcome to contact us .

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